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As we continue exploring our  Sharing the Planet unit; Sustainable resource use protects the environment, the children have started sorting out their findings on the materials that we use to serve the purpose for a product. For example, we use plastics for water bottles because they are lightweight, waterproof, convenient and cheap to manufacturer. This is a mindset that Grade 3 have started to challenge with the question; is it sustainable?

To investigate the best material to use for a purpose, the children set up a science experiment to explore which material is the most effective for soaking up a liquid, which is the most absorbent.  We were really impressed with the children’s systematic approach to their scientific inquiry, ensuring that the investigation remained a fair test.

Many of the children found the paper towels to be the most effective for absorbing liquids, however they shared a concern that paper towels are not a re-usable resource and concluded that the cloth would be the most suitable material to use as it can be cleaned and used again.

Looking ahead:

This week, alongside our unit work, the children are preparing for the 3-way conferences on Monday 4th February & Tuesday 5th February, with catch up sessions available for later in the week. Sign up sheets are now positioned outside each classroom, please make sure you have selected an appointment by the end of this week.

Please see below a letter sent about the 3-way conferences:

PS_3-way conference_Jan 2019


This week, we thinking about other resources, other than materials, that we use regularly for example, oxygen, energy (in various forms) and water. We are asking the children to keep a water diary for all of the water that they use in a normal week. Please encourage your child to remember to complete the record sheet each day.

As always, if you have any questions or queries, do not hesitate to contact us.

Many thanks,

Ms Jen, Mr. Matt & Ms. Tik.


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