Grade 3 residential 2019: Pattaya

It is great to welcome back our students are hear about their best bits from the residential. I would like to take this opportunity to share with you some of the memorable moments from the trip.

Wednesday  20th February:

After an early start, the children were all ready and on the bus by 7:30am full of excitement. We arrived at the aquarium in time for the opening. The children had lots of questions for our tour guide about the many sea creatures we saw along the way. We were also lucky enough to see the divers feeding the fish in the main tanks.

Once arriving at the hotel, the children were keen to get into their rooms and enjoyed a swim in the pool.

That evening, we went along to the Kaan show – it was amazing to see the incredible costumes, props and illusions created throughout the show.

Thursday 21st:

There was a busy day ahead of us and after a good night’s sleep the students were raring to go. Group 1 were heading to the Tarzan trail whilst group 2 to the farm. Both activities were fantastic, the Tarzan trail was no easy feat but with the children’s determination, resilience and risk taking mindset, all students made it around the course.

Whilst at the farm, we enjoyed learning about the huge range of plants and animals that are kept there.

Back at the hotel, it was the evening for s’mores around the campfire.

Friday 22nd:

Unfortunately it was our last morning which came round very quickly. Friday morning involved activities within the hotel and of course the big clean up and packing to ensure rooms were ready for the morning check out.

It was a fantastic trip and we were so proud of each of the students for making it such a success and enjoyable experience, they are a credit to KIS and are already looking forward to the next one.


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