Happy Monday!

Dear Grade 3 students and parents,

We are at a very  busy time of the year with the end of year MAP testing upon us (more information can be found below) and the student led conferences which will take place on Monday 20th May. Please be reminded this is NOT a normal school day and to only bring your child with you to the time slot you have signed up for.

More information regarding student led conferences, sent from Mr Gerry, can be found here:

PS_SLC May 20th 2019

We are continuing with our new unit of How we Organise Ourselves exploring the central idea: Organisations use individual contribution and interdependent systems to achieve their mission. 

This week we will be looking into different organisation, finding out their mission and how they organise themselves, working collaboratively to do so.

Homework will be sent home as normal this week, if you have any questions regarding MAP, student led conferences or anything else, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Warm regards,

G3 Team.

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