Time to look back and celebrate

As we draw closer to the final week, we have so much to look back on and celebrate. This week and into next, the student are taking time to reflect on their own personal learning journey’s and think about what they have accomplished this year. Checking in with our unit One ‘Who We Are’ has allowed us to explore how we have worked towards:

  • Striving for Understanding
  • Developing Passion in ourselves and others
  • Creating a caring and inclusive community
  • Taking Ethical Action

Our Grade 3 students have all achieved so much this year and as we approach the end of year awards, there is no better time to reflect on that and recognise some students in our community for their noticeable efforts with the Learner Profile, Action and Spirit awards. We had a great time in class reflecting on the nominations for these awards and it was heartwarming to see the appreciation between the students.

Kidzania (Thursday 6th June)

Before we head into the final week, Grade 3 have one more trip to enjoy! Tomorrow we go to Kidzania to explore the interconnecting systems of the working world and discover how independent contributions are vital for the successful operations of the community.

Trip itinerary is as follows:
9:00am Depart from KIS (packed morning snack in the vans)
9:50am Arrive at KidZania Bangkok
10:00am-12:00pm Check-in at KidZania Bangkok and activities time
12:00-12:30pm Lunch inside KidZania (provided by KidZania)
12:30-1:20pm Activities (continued)
1:30ish Check-out and Leave for KIS (packed afternoon snack in the vans)
2:30pm Expected arrival time at KIS

There will be lots of events next week too, please check the calendar shared by Ms June for all the important dates.

End of Year Party and Celebration of Learning:

Next week we have the Grade 3 end of year Party (Wednesday 12th June).
This time, it is the turn of 3B parents to provide food for the party.
We are asking parents to each bring a plate of snacks to be contributed to the food table which will be in 3B classroom . Students will return from the lunch break at 12:10 and the party will run for the afternoon (12:10-14:15) with lots of fun games and events to celebrate the year. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.\


We have had lots of questions regarding the MAP testing results; MAP results will be posted onto Managebac alongside the report cards at the end of term. When viewing the MAP results, we ask you to take time to reflect on these alongside the report card. It is important to remember that MAP is only one of our assessment tools.

As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Warm regards and thank you for your continued support.

Grade 3 Team

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