International Dot Day!


Today in the Primary School we have been celebrating international dot day! We are so impressed with the amount of effort from the students to get involved with dressing up with all the dots. Around school there have been lots of fun activities happening including the art installation recycling plastic bottle tops.

After this week, all the bottle tops will then be donated to the local NGO, Precious Plastic Bangkok, to be upcycled into baskets, mats and other useful products which are sold for local charities.


In the classroom we have been busy getting dotty in our math. Students were exploring the number of different m&m’s that can be found in a single packet. They organised and sorted before tallying their final numbers to find out which was the most frequent colour in their packet and representing this as a fraction and in a chart. 

In other news, last week we started to tune into our new unit, how we organise ourselves. This unit has many connections with who we are as we begin to explore how interconnecting systems work together to achieve a mission. Beginning to identify different roles within a group and discover the power of effective teamwork. Students worked in mixed groups across the grade to design and create the strongest bridge using only newspaper and a limited amount of sellotape. Students had to work together to share ideas before trialing and testing different ideas. The teamwork that came out of the challenge was fantastic along with exploring ways to solve problems which they faced.

Looking ahead will be looking into different organisations and the systems that are fundamental within them as we prepare for our first field trip next Tuesday (24th September) to the Red Cross Headquarters in Bangkok. 


Please can we ask all parents to check that they have signed the field trip consent form ASAP as we have a number of them outstanding. Without this document your child will not be able to attend the field trip. 

More information regarding the trip can be found on the letter below which was sent to parents last week. 


As we have a short week this week, we will not be sending home homework books. Instead please can we ask that all students continue to work on the following:

Thank you for your continued support and if you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Have a great week and an enjoyable long weekend!

Grade 3 Team


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