Red Cross Field Trip: September 2019

Thank you for your patience with this week’s blog post, we were excited to share with you all about our fantastic field trip to the Red Cross Headquarters in Bangkok yesterday. Our new unit of inquiry: ‘Organisations use individual contributions and interdependent systems to achieve their mission’ explores different types of organisations and the systems working within them. In class, we have been learning about the International Red Cross Committee and how they are a world wide organisation who support through a huge range of projects. In Thailand, the Red Cross developed a snake farm to support the research of anti-venom and over the years has become the main supplier of venom to combat deadly snake bites in Asia. This is just one department within the Thai Red Cross Society. 

Students were engaged when learning about how the snake farm has developed over the years and how they reach out to thousands every year. Grade 3 enjoyed seeing all of the different types of snakes that are housed at the Red Cross and were fascinated to get up and personal with some. 

The extraction show was a highlight for many, actually seeing first hand how they snake farm takes the venom from and the process from this to creating anti-venom which saves lives around Asia was fascinating. 

We are now excited to be back in the classroom thinking about how each of the departments and systems within Red Cross are all simultaneously working together, striving to achieve their continually evolving mission statement. Following this we will begin to compare and contrast other organisations who have different purposes and missions.

We can’t wait to see where the students are going to take this unit as we begin to sorting out and going further into our inquiry.

As always if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Many thanks,

G3 Team

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