On a Mission!


Following our successful trip to the Red Cross Headquarters, Grade 3 have been diving into how the interdependent systems within an organisation work together to achieve their mission. Achieving a mission is something we will be exploring this week, the idea that the mission is never fully achieved as the mission is continually evolving and changing to meet the needs of the consumer. We are looking forward to our guest speaker Ms June visiting on Thursday to discuss how the KIS mission statement is constantly changing and developing to make sure we always working to be the best school we can be. 


In mathematics, we are exploring different strategies for approaching word problems with a focus on addition and subtraction. Using a RUCSAC method supports the process for students to take time to carefully read a word problem and identify both key information and the operation required to arrive at the answer before checking their working. 



In connection with our unit of inquiry into How We Organise Ourselves, we are learning about how an author will organise their own ideas to make it most appropriate for the reader both in fiction and nonfiction texts. Grade 3 are enjoying using the library to explore different genres of books and comparing/contrasting how the text is orgnaised within them. 

Upcoming events and dates to remember:

30.9.19-11.10.19:We have the MAP tests coming up this week and next, please take time to read the letter below that was also sent home last week which gives further information on MAP testing and includes the schedule for the next 2 weeks. 

11.10.19:House sports (please remind students to wear their house shirts on this day)
14.10.19:School closed (In remembrance of HM King Bhumibol)

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