Journey to Centre of the Earth!


We have launched into our new unit theme, How the World Works and have unpacked our new central idea which is, “The earth continually changes due to natural forceswhich affects communities”.

We have started by inquiring into the structure of our earth, particularly the characteristics of different layers. The photos below some of our tuning-in stations just before half term where we used augmented reality, model-making and even egg boiling to help us understand the proportion of depths.

Grade 3 are very excited as this unit is quite science based and so on Wednesday we will undertake an experiment to investigate the viscosity of different liquids. We will consider how we can make it a fair test and make connections with the molten magma / lava flow.

We are encouraging your child to follow the news about Natural Hazzards and Disasters as they happen, and share with the rest of the class.


This unit lends itself to Explanation texts – using features such as glosarries, labelled cross-sections and diagrams to help us understand the cause and effect of different processes.



We are linking the depth of each Earth layer to consider appropriate units of length measurement – kilometres. Children will then be enjoying lots of estimating (using cm and metres) and practical measuring of real-life objects to improve their accuracy.


Dates to Remember:

Wednesday 30th October – Diwali celebrations.

Special assembly 8am and breaktime activities.

Friday 1st November – Halloween / Day of the Dead.

8am Assembly and costume Parade.Visit to Grade 5 for games/activities.


Parent / Teacher Conferences: Most Parents have now signed a time-slot. Please try to be on time and turn your mobile cell phones off. We look forward to discussing your child’s progress and areas of development.

3A – Monday 4th November

3B – Tuesday 5th November

3C – Wednesday 6th November


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