Cracked Plates!

Last week we participated in a range of cultural festivals to expand our international-mindedness. Firstly, Diwali – the Hindu/Sikh festival of light and Indian culture. Then Halloween / Day of the Dead (North American & Latin America). What wonderful costumes and fun activities. Many thanks for all your support.


As part of, How the World Works we are inquiring into how “The earth continually changes due to natural forces and affects communities”.

We are building on last weeks viscosity science experiments (pictured) by exploring properties of the mantle (magma), specifically how the heat rises to form convection currents. 


We will link this to the theory of continental drift – how the crust is split into moving plates that float / move on the magma, and have separated over time. The children will explore where the plate boundaries are and understand that there are 3 types of boundaries. We are hoping that the children make the connection that Volcanoes often occur near plate boundaries as this is where the crust is thin or has cracks/weaknesses.


We will continue to explore Explanation texts – using features such as glossaries, labelled cross-sections and diagrams to help us understand the cause and effect of different processes.

Children will use the writers bingo to practise writing for different purposes and build-up their resilience.


We are front loading skills with multiplying and dividing by 10,100 and 1000, ready to help us convert units of length measurement from one form to another. Eg metres to cm


Dates to Remember:

Parent / Teacher Conferences: Please try to be on time and turn your mobile cell phones off. We look forward to discussing your child’s progress and areas of development in the AP Room.

3A – Monday 4th November

3B – Tuesday 5th November

3C – Wednesday 6th November

Wednesday 6th Nov – So You Think You Can Dance Competition

Monday 11th November – Loy Kratong (Thai Lantern) Festival – SEE LETTER (above)

Thursday 14th November – G3 Trip to Science Museum

G3 Parents Coffee Morning on the Residential briefing – To be confirmed shortly.


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