Happy Loy Kratong !

The Children all enjoyed making the Loy Kratong offerings today and watching the dances/games at lunch time. Well done to the G3 Students who were in the winning dance team last Wednesday – it was great to see your final performance.


This week we will continue to inquire into the 3 types of plate boundaries. We are hoping that the children make the connection that Volcanoes often occur near plate boundaries as this is where the crust is thin or has cracks/weaknesses. We will also learn about why we get high fold mountains and deep ocean trenches at plate boundaries.

We hope the children will enjoy discovering what it means to be scientific on our Wednesday Field trip.

We have continued to work on improving the quality of labelled diagrams / cross sections.


We will continue to explore Explanation texts – starting to write cause and effect sentences using specific conjunctions.


We continue with multiplying and dividing by 10,100 and 1000, to help us convert units of length measurement from one form to another. Eg metres to cm

Dates to Remember:

Wednesday 13th November 8am – G3 Parents Coffee Meeting about Residential: AP Room

Thursday 14th November – G3 Trip to Science Museum

Friday 29th November – G3 Assembly 8am in the auditorium


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