Grade 3 become Scientists

Grade 3 Learners enjoyed the hands-on Science exhibits at the Science Museum last Thursday which sparked off lots of interest and curiosity (see pics). Some children got to be volunteers in the Science Show, where we learnt about energy transfer through collisions (a good link to Converse plate boundaries).

Great to see lots of Grade 3 being well-balanced and involved in sports fixtures this week – basketball, athletics and swimming. Good-Luck.

Our Student Council Reps have fed-back about their charity work to support Paws (This is a nice link with Organisations unit).



This week we will become geologists and discover all about the rock-cycle, discovering how rocks are created and changed. If children have any rock samples  at home – feel free to send them in for us to look under the microscope (No diamonds please!!!)


We will write our own cause and effect explanations using specific conjunctions. We continued to enjoy the Global Read Aloud on Stella Diaz. Can your son / daughter teach you any spanish words yet?!!


All shapes start with intersecting lines….thatś what we shall be inquiring into!!! 

Dates to Remember:

Friday 22nd November – Non-Uniform Day fundraising (bring in Bht20)

Friday 29th November – G3 Assembly 8am in the auditorium


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