G3 goes Bling Bling!! “Diamonds are Forever…”

Many thanks for all the donations towards PAWS cat welfare charity on Friday’s non-uniform day.

Did you feel the earth move?!!! Thursday’s earthquake in Laos was felt by some of us – perfect timing for our Natural Hazards study in this unit!

The Christmas tree is up in the PYP atrium and the KIS Cares project is encouraging us to show kindness and donate  school supplies and Thai books to orphanages (with the ethos that giving is better than receiving and consuming).


After conducting experiments to inquire about the Rock Cycle (sedimenting, squashing, heating and cooling with candy), Grade 3 had a guest expert, Mr Tarun (Niska’s Dad 3A) to answer their questions on gemology.

Tarun showed the children how gems are formed from heating and pressure within the Earth’s crust. He also explained the difference in hardness and toughness between the different gems. The children got to handle some real gem samples to see how they are cut and polished from the original mined rock.

After sorting and classifying rock samples, some children used a digital microscope on rock samples, whilst others did some fantastic observation drawings using magnifying glasses.



We applied our knowledge of straight lines to understand perpendicular lines (at right angle to each other) and parallel lines. We tried to find real-life applications around the KIS grounds and took photos of examples.


We continued to practice skimming and scanning for key information and note-taking. We also continued using cause / effect conjunctions. This week we will be applying this to their own chosen study for the summative assessment explanation.


Upcoming dates / Events

This Friday 29th, 8am in the auditorium – G3 leading the PYP assembly.


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