Dear parents and families,

We hope you all had a great weekend and managed to find some time to relax and recharge.

Spirit Day

We have loved seeing the photos, videos and activities from the Spirit Day on Friday. The feedback has been wonderful and the student’s engagement with the different activities on offer made for a fantastic day of celebrations and school spirit.

Tosakan spirit Erawan spirit Hanuman Spirit Naga spirit

Parent Zoom Meeting

We have had positive feedback from familes and have found the weekly coffee meetings a positive and informative time to connect and answer any questions. We will be running this at our usual time on Tuesday at 11am. Here is the link for tomorrow’s meeting:

If you require a password it remains the same: KIS (all capital letters)

After School Activities

Today is the first day our KIS After School Activities are on offer. To give our PYP community a boost towards the end of term we are adding some social ASA times
for the final four weeks. We hope the children will enjoy them and perhaps it gives
some parents and carers a short break too! These will all take part at 2:30. The rooms will be closed for joining as from 2:35. Please remind your children this is for KIS and they should not share the links with friends from other schools. This sharing causes us great difficulties when admitting children to the zoom classes. Here is the link for these activities:

Learning for the week ahead

This week in UOI students will explore what the media is, how it has changed with the development of technology and what impact that has had upon communication with the intended audience. 

traditional vs digital

In numeracy this week we are tuning into Data Handling. The students have used some data handling skills throughout the year in different capacities but this week we will be beginning to delve deeper into some of the key features of graphs and interpreting information from data and various graphs.

In language students will be considering different endings to a short adventure story and focusing on how they can create suspense through the use of a cliffhanger. Later in the week students will be viewing and responding to key events/memories in a characters life and completing a storyboard to prepare for animation creation.

We are continuing to set daily challenges to support and motivate students with their reading and comprehension skills. Please continue to encourage your child to read independently or with someone at home everyday to build on their fluency and expression.

We are heading into Week 8 of online learning and couldn’t be more proud of our amazing students. The dedication and enthusiasm they have engaged in the programme with, despite the challenges has been incredible. Thank you again for making that possible and for you continued support at home.

Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead.

G3 Team


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