1st June 2020

Dear Parents and Families,

It’s hard to believe it’s the first day of June today and that we’re heading into our second to last week of school for the academic year! Hope you all had an enjoyable weekend and found some time to relax and recharge. This week is a short week due to Wednesday being a public holiday and we know it is going to fly by.

House Spirit Day

We loved seeing the community engagement in our final house spirit day for the term on Friday. The wacky hairstyles were wonderful and creative and we loved seeing house padlets filling up with everyone’s efforts! We hope your children were also able to use Friday to finish recording their talent show entries for the KIS Virtual Talent show. There are some amazing entries and it’s definitely going to be an amazing showcase of KIS spirit!

Tosakan house day Naga house day Hanuman house day Erawan house day

Parent Zoom Meeting

Your continued support and engagement in our weekly G3 parent zoom meetings has been wonderful and we will once again have this up and running on Tuesday at 11am. Please feel free to join us for weekly updates and bring along any questions or feedback you may have.  The link for the meeting will be sent directly to your emails. 

PYP Exploration Day

As we head towards the end of a busy term, we are hosting an exploration day which we hope will give you and your children a fun and exciting day. All of the engagements have educational value, offer stimulating choices as well as being very enjoyable for the children. The days will offer optional zoom time activities and a range of choices in engagements via our KIS curated site. For G3 this special day will take place on Thursday 4th June. We request that the children do a minimum of 4 engagements between the ‘live’ and the offered choices, and that they vary their choices, as will be explained on the video posted on Friday morning. (Full notice with more information attached below)

Learning Focus

In UOI this week, the students are going to become masters by choosing their favourite digital tool and share their tool with their peers. Students will need to explain the benefits of this tool and demonstrate how it can be used to change the way that we communicate or express ourselves.  Students will then take time to reflect on each other’s chosen tools, try it out and leave a reflection on how they found using it. 

In numeracy students are delving deeper into Data Handling by drawing conclusions and analysing data. Students will be exploring the tools such as median, mode, mean and range. They will analyse different sets of data and apply some of their addition, division and place value knowledge.

This week in language students will be putting together their characterisation and storyboard work to create their own ‘Stop Motion’ mini film.  Using a Stop Motion digital tool to film their fiction plot scene by scene. They will be able to edit, improve and refine it to add sound effects etc. They will be encouraged to consider backdrop, camera action and props.

Students will continue with independent reading and follow-up tasks as well as a weekly library lesson with Ms Lindsay to develop reading skills further. Please encourage them to include at least 20-30 minutes of reading into the daily routine either with a book from home or on Epic or Raz-Kids.

For the Diary

Tuesday – G3 Parent Zoom Meeting 11am 

Wednesday – HM Queen Suthida’s Birthday – No School

Thursday – G2-4 Exploration Day


Hope you all have a wonderful week. 

Take care,

G3 Team

PYP exploration day information

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