A very warm welcome back to all our students and families in Grade 3, we hope you have had a very enjoyable and relaxing holiday. It is great to see everyone back and ready for hit the ground running as we start our final term of the year…can you believe it?!



A quick reminder that this week KIS is celebrating world book day (more information can be found on the letter below) but please do not forget that tomorrow everyone is welcome to come to school dressed as their favourite book character. In Grade 3 we are currently studying Roald Dahl so are encouraging students to come as a character from one of his books.


We have a busy term ahead with the completion of our current unit ‘how we express ourselves’ before moving into our final unit ‘how we organise ourselves’. Before the holidays, we were exploring what is media, what is being communicated through the use of it, and how digital tools have affected those communications. This week we will be going further into the responsibilities that we have when both publishing and accessing media digitally, especially online.

In maths, we have been looking at shapes and recapping what we are familiar with, as we know, shape has lots of tricky vocabulary so it’s always useful to remind ourselves of some of these; Shape, polygons, regular, irregular, 2D (corners, sides) & 3D (vertices, edges and faces) alongside the named shapes that we are learning

Homework will be sent out as usual this week and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Warm regards,

G3 Team.

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G3A: Swimming change of date for this week!


Dear G3A parents and students.

This week, G3A will have their swimming lesson on Thursday (tomorrow) instead of Friday due to the Senior School Sports Day events. Please ensure your children have their swimming kit in school tomorrow.

Many thanks,

Ms. Jen

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Serious stop-motion!

As we continue to look into our current unit exploring how digital media affects communication, we have been inquiring into narrative story writing. Following the story writing process, the Grade 3 students planned out a narrative which included a problem and solution before thinking of different ways to share their story.

We looked into different tools that can be used to communicate a story and became fascinated with the idea of stop motion using Lego. Students have started creating their own stop motion projects to convey their stories before thinking about what platform would be most effective to share.

We are looking forward to seeing the finished products later in the week.

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Reading at home

Please see below the slides and attachments from this morning’s workshop all about Reading at Home with Ms Lisa.
Any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.  Parent-Reading-Prompts_ver_1

Reading at Home


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Strategies to support writing at home

We would like to say a huge thank you to all that attended the coffee morning today. It was great to see so many of you and share experiences of supporting writing along with some new ideas.

Please find below a copy of the slides from this morning’s workshop along with an electronic copy of hand outs given.

VCOP Pyramids KS2

adjectives matt

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
All the best,
G3 Team.

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Coffee Morning: Wednesday 27th March

G3coffee morning

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Wednesday 27th March: G3 Coffee Morning


All G3 Parents,

Please be reminded that this coming Wednesday is the Grade 3 coffee morning which will be held in Ms. Jen’s classroom. During this 40minute session, we will be looking at techniques to develop children’s writing in narrative form. We will be working on up-leveling of vocabulary and extending sentences. This very much links to our current unit of How we Express Ourselves exploring creative writing.

If you have any questions about the coffee morning please do not hesitate to contact us.

Hope to see you on Wednesday at 8am.

Grade 3 team.

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Taking Action: Marvelous Metro Forest/ Amazing Artigras

To conclude our unit exploring sustainability, on Thursday Grade 3 went to visit the Metro Forest in Bangkok. A fantastic project that was designed to bring back nature into our city. The Metro forest shared their journey with our students and they were able to see what impact a small idea and some effective action can really have on our community, environment and world.

After returning from our field trip, the children were inspired to design their own metro forest and think about if they were going to create a sustainable space where nature can flourish – what would there be and how would it be powered?

We have been really impressed with the students passion and enthusiasm throughout this unit. Moving forward, we will be starting to look into our next unit ‘how we express ourselves’ with a particular focus of the use of digital media communications.

Artigras 2019

The week of Artigras is upon us and we have lots of exciting things happening in and around school including music and art, dance and drama, so there is lots to be getting involved with.

Ms Daisy – Art Project, Origami:

We will be starting our origami project in school and then students can have a go at continuing at home.

Mr Chris – Battle of the Bands & Busking:
Battle of the Bands: With the return of Battle of the bands, students have been invited to attend to watch and support our own KIS bands taking part on Tuesday.
Busking: On Wednesday, students are invited to take part in the busking sessions helping to raise money for charity. All those not performing will be taking time to watch and show support to their peers.

Mr Matt – Drama Workshop:

Mr Matt will be running a lunchtime drama workshop on Thursday from 11:35 – 12:10, if drama is something you would like to have a go at.

Artigras is a fantastic opportunity for all students to have a go at something they are inspired by, passionate about or try something completely new.

We hope everyone has a brilliant week with all of the festivities and if there are any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Many thanks,
G3 Team.

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Realistic Rubber

Today Grade 3 were really lucky to be joined Peran Rao, a parent within the grade to share his knowledge and expertise about Rubber. As we draw towards the end of our current unit ‘sustainable resource use protects the environment’ we have been reflecting on the journey so far and looked back at what sustainability means and looks like. Mr Rao, shared about the diverse use of the this material and also explained how the material is farmed and developed. The children had some brilliant ideas and asked excellent questions to deepen their own understanding.

We would like to thank Mr Rao for his time to come into the school and share his experiences with the children. It is incredible beneficial for our students to see how these materials are manufactured and used around the world.


As we move into the week, we will be looking into what action can be taken to reduce the consumption of finite resources and work towards living a more sustainable lifestyle.

Please note: Thursday 14th March is our field trip to Metro Forest (please see letter below).

Homework will be sent out today as usual and can be found on the homework link in this blog. If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Many thanks,
G3 Team.


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Successful Sustainability

Last week, the students began exploring their own independent inquiry. Children were asked to think about an area within our current unit to explore further. After lots of shared thinking and ideas everyone decided upon a focus issue which they are passionate about changing. From this, students began researching key facts and collecting data that can be used within their campaign.

We have been really impressed with the students ideas and enthusiasm they are displaying to take action for making a change. They have designed an image and slogan which will be shared as part of their final project along with a piece of persuasive writing.

In mathematics, we have started inquiry into fractions. The students have been showing us their understanding of the concept using lots of different resources including numicon and fraction wheels. We are really looking forward to seeing how the students will develop their knowledge and understanding of fractions in different scenarios.

Field Trip: Thursday 14th March.

Next week, Grade 3 are heading to the Metro forest for our next field trip. Please see the below letter for more information and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Homework: Homework will be sent home as usual today and can be accessed on the home learning link.

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