Last Week in Grade 4

Dear Parents, Guardian, Families and Students,

It has been a wonderful last week for us all here and we would like to extend our many thanks for all the support you have provided this past year.

May your summer be a great on and see you all next year!

Warmest Regards,

G4 Team

Summer is here!!!

Here is a list of activities and things to do in the summer to help students prepare for G5:



Khan Academy


Language Arts:

Reading A-Z


Cooking (also great for math)

Art – design your own, look online for tutorials

Music – learn a new instrument

Gardening – put those composting skills to work!

Health – try a new sport – exercise every day for at least 30 minutes and be active

Movies – make your own movie – write a script or do a storyboard and film it

Science – do science experiments that interest you

Computers – practice your typing skills with Typing Club (the link is on Mr. Eric’s page!)

What else can you add to this list?  Challenge yourself to try new things this summer!

Seesaw your activities for us all to see and share!

Create your own website!


Have a wonderful summer everyone!!!


G4 Team


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May 20th-24th

Last week in Grade 4

In UOI, students tuned-into habitats, ecosystems, living things and their upcoming project by watching BBC Planet Earth II “A world of wonder”. Students began by choosing a favourite ecosystem/habitat and then moved to plan a project and begin research.

Additionally, students throughout the grade finished off their experiments with adapting to challenging situations by turning salt water into potable water (fresh water) and checking their results. (See photos

In Literacy students are looking at report writing as a text type and looking at summarising and details to build paragraphs using reason and evidence.

In Mathematics students have begun looking at the properties of 2D and 3D shapes and how to classify them. They also are looking in to the vocabulary in preparation for MAPS

polygon1 polygon2 polygon3 polyhedrons

Student Action: We had some students come and present: Our own mathematician, Prajwal, has been inquiring into higher level mathematics and we have here an example where he is teaching the use of the symbol Sigma and how it can be understood.

Important Dates To Remember

Dates to remember:

  • May 20 -24 MAP Testing continued (G3-G5)
  • May 27th-30th G2 MAP Assessment
  • May 31st Parent Forum
  • June 5th – PYP Celebrations assemblies & G5 Graduation

Parent Meetings and Forums:

  • May 17th – Parent Forum (Staffing Model 19-20, upgrades and changes)
  • May 31st – Supporting your child at home and through the holidays


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Non-Uniform Day this Friday Kliptown Dancers – South Africa


Dear Parents,

In response to meeting the excellent dancers from Sowetto, seeing their performance and hearing all about their culture and work, members of the Student Council have suggested we hold a Non-Uniform Day this Friday, so they can present the money raised to the group personally on Saturday before they fly back to Johannesburg.   20 baht donated for non-uniform/free dress day 

Donations to wear casual clothes will directly help fund:
  • Breakfast and After-School homework Clubs for orphaned children
  • Skills training & reading programs to help community members get employment and stay away from crime and drugs.
The Student Council will hopefully be making posters and visiting classes later in the week to explain more. I am re-sharing the video about them excellent community work.
Many thanks for all your support and participation.

G4 Team

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MAP Testing Information Link and Letter

Dear Parents,

  • Its not a regular school day, parents come for their conference time then visit specialists, students lead their parents
  • Uniform should be worn
  • There will be snacks and coffee/juice available throughout the day for students, families and you.
  • Parents please leave siblings in the Library
  • Specialist rooms will be available too
  • Please avoid mobile phones while conferencing – give 100% attention to your child and remember to be positive and focus on the growth

Information on MAP Tests and Lexile scores

PS_SLC May 20th 2019

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Week May 13-17

We are diving into poetry this week and beginning with how to construct a “Haiku”. Below is an easy to follow resource on how a Haiku is written. (Remember, poetry doesn’t always need to rhyme)



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Dear Parents,

We have acouple of important events happening over the next two weeks. Firstly we begin our Grade 3-5 MAP test for the Spring 19 session this week. Testing goes from May 13-MAy 24th. The students are well prepared and ready having practiced and discussed the process at school. You can help at home by ensuring:

  • Your child is well rested
  • They have a healthy breakfast ready for learning
  • Are at school on time so as not to be over anxious
  • That the topic is not over discussed, yuour child will dotheir best and that’s all we are wanting from them.

For the schedule and further information please follow this link

Thanks The G4 Team



UOI 5 



Knowledgeable We develop and use conceptual understanding, exploring knowledge across a range of disciplines. We engage with issues and ideas that have local and global significance.
Inquirers We nurture our curiosity, developing skills for inquiry and research. We know how to learn independently and with others. We learn with enthusiasm and sustain our love of learning throughout life.
Thinkers We use critical and creative thinking skills to analyse and take responsible action on complex problems. We exercise initiative in making reasoned, ethical decisions.

Last Week In Grade 4

In UOI: We started our new unit of inquiry with an investigation/provocation with fish and cockroaches as specimens. We asked questions relating to these large concepts:


In Language: We are writing reports this unit and making scientific claims about our research and understanding.

In Mathematics: We have continued our work on fractions, specifically turning fractions into decimals and then into percentages.

Here are examples of our inquiries:


  • May 10th a.m. – Assembly 7.55am QLB Certificates & sharing Unit work
  • May 13th EY1-EY3 (KG) Swim Gala
  • May 13 -24 MAP Testing (G3-G5)
  • May 20th Student Led Conferences
  • May 27th-30th G2 MAP
  • June 5th – PYP Celebrations assemblies & G5 Graduation

Parent Meetings and Forums:

  • May 10th – Numicon as a Math Resource
  • May 17th – Parent Forum (Staffing Model 19-20, upgrades and changes)
  • May 31st – Supporting your child at home and through the holidays
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Media Manipulation Summative Assessment Week

In Grade 4 last week:

Students have been working on their Summative Assessments for their Media Manipulation/Propaganda Unit of Inquiry. Students are making an influential movie about a theme or a UN 2030 Sustainable Goal. With this video, students incorporate UOI -Influencing audiences for a purpose using various media techniques and skills, Language Arts -script writing, crafting and art – props and scenes, digital media – making a digital movie and Approaches to Learning.


Image result for approaches to learning

In Mathematics, students have been working with adding and subtracting fractions from whole numbers and fractions with same and different denominators

Image titled Subtract Fractions from Whole Numbers Step 1

Image titled Subtract Fractions from Whole Numbers Step 2

Image titled Subtract Fractions from Whole Numbers Step 3

Image titled Subtract Fractions from Whole Numbers Step 4

Important Dates to Remember:

  • MAPS: May 13-23

  • Student-Led Conferences: May 20th

  • Swim Gala: Friday May 3rd

  • May 3rd – Numicon as a Math Resource

  • May 17th – Parent Forum (Staffing Model 19-20, upgrades and changes)

  • May 31st – Supporting your child at home and through the holidays


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April 22-26 Homework – Math tutorial

If students need extra help for the math fraction practice here are two tutorials for them to use:


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Week 25-29 April

 Last Week In Review

In Mathematics we are continuing our investigations and work on fractions in three separate groups.

Our focus:

  • Mixed and improper fractions – understanding them and converting them
  • Equivalent fractions – understanding them and making them (draw pictures and symbols)
  • Problem-solving questions  (underline important info, draw representation, use numbers, add arrows)

In Literacy we read and practiced scripts we chose from Raz-Kids for acting, setting scenes and using dramatic effects. We used video to record the mini reader’s theater skits.

We also acted out our final Reader’s Theater scripts we wrote in groups for our Literacy Genre summative. We did this in the Audi-Box. See Slideshow pictures.

In UOI students are making their own persuasive collage images using the UN 2030 Goals and adding a thoughtful title. The focus is finding images that come together to form a persuasive theme that will influence an audience.

We also took part in the WORLD’s Largest Lesson on the UN Sustainable Goals 2030 with student teachers from around the world who came and spoke specifically about Food and Consumption. See photos in slide show

Dates to remember:

  • Songkran Break: 6th April to 21st of April
  • World Book Day: 23rd of April (and Mr. Nic’s birthday 😉
  • April 26th – Book Sharing Assembly & competition winners, 8am Auditorium
  • May 13 -24 MAP Testing



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“Reading at Home” Workshop

“Reading at Home” Workshop

Reading at Home

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