It was wonderful to have the chance to share your child’s progress this year and to talk about ongoing goals and targets during the conferences last week. We hoped you enjoyed the opportunity too!

Last week we really jumped into our unit, by capturing how we jump in slow motion:

We measured our jumps, vertically and horizontally and the data we collected will drive our explorations of data handling during this unit. We will also study our slow motion videos to observe how Forces and Motion interact.

As always, as we continue inquiring into our new unit, you can visit this page to find out more about our learning outcomes and to see how we create transdisciplinary integration.

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Forces and motion

This week we are kicking off, or jumping in to, our new How the World Works unit. This is an exploration of Forces and Motion and more details of our learning outcomes can be found here.

We are tuning in by asking students to visualise how they jump. We will then compare their visualisations to slow motion videos so we can draw conclusions about the forces and motion involved. One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind!

Last week was capped off by Grade 5’s excitingly spooky Halloween activities. We had a ghoulishly good time.

We hope you enjoy the opportunity to meet with the Grade 4 teaching team this week. See you at your conference!


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Thank you all for coming to Thursday’s coffee morning. What a wonderful trip we have in store for us! Here is the video slideshow that was shared. Please don’t hesitate to contact us or SEA with questions if you have any.

Don’t forget the conferences next week. Sign up sheets are still outside the classrooms if you haven’t signed up yet. All conferences will be conducted inside your child’s classroom (unless informed otherwise – if there is a last minute change required we will put a notice on the classroom door for you). Please try your best to be on time and be respectful of the time limit – there will always be a parent waiting for their conference at the end of yours. If you need more time, please speak to us and we will arrange another appointment. We look forward to meeting with your to discuss your child’s progress.

Have a great weekend.

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Welcome back!

We hope you had a restful and relaxing holiday. It’s time to get back into the swing of things and we are pleased to share with you some extra information about Learning in Grade 4 by accessing the current unit page. All details on Learning Outcomes can be found there and a new weekly planner will be posted every Monday.

This week we are revisiting our Who We Are unit: Mind over matter. This unit is all about personal reflection and personal growth and as such we will be reflecting on our personal learning goals in the build up to Parent Conferences. With a growth mindset we will share the progress that we have made and reflect on whether we need to adjust or reassign our goals or if we need more time to work on them. On that note, please remember that sign up sheets are now posted outside the classrooms – please contact your class teacher if you need any help signing up.

The PYP school will be celebrating Diwali on Wednesday this week and we invite students to embrace the festival by wearing Indian costume. Also on Friday we will be celebrating Halloween and we look forward to enjoying the festivities set up by Grade 5.


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Have a wonderful holiday!

This week we are busy assessing our enduring understandings from our Sharing the Planet unit. It has been a wonderful exploration of how Survival depends on adapting to circumstance. Please take some time to check in on your child’s Seesaw to see them share their understandings.

Have the most wonderful holiday and we look forward to seeing you all back at school on October 28th!

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MAP and more

Don’t forget that MAP tests continue this week. It’s a great time to be thinking carefully about having a healthy diet at home, so please get involved with your child’s homework this week. Homework is due next Wednesday 16th October because of the holiday on the 14th to commemorate King Rama IX.

In the last 2 weeks before the October break we are wrapping up our Sharing the Planet unit and assessing our understanding of the Central Idea and Lines of Inquiry.

In Literacy we have been nurturing passions in ourselves and others by writing and sharing How-To guides to our favourite activities with a focus on our learning objectives of learning how to write to inform and following the writing process. In Swimming lessons we have been filming our swimming and setting personal step by step goals to develop our skills.


We are combining this with a development of our Research Skills and exploring the importance of using keywords, doing our research on trusted sites (such as Go Grolier Go and Wonderopolis) and taking notes in our own words.

In UOI lessons we have been exploring the effects of Environmental Interactions and answering questions like “Why did they parachute cats into Borneo?” Miaow!

In Maths we have been busy assessing our progress with modelling addition, subtraction, multiplication and division and collecting data, displaying in graphs and interpreting data to make conclusions.

Have a great week.

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Every (learning) journey needs a MAP (test)

It’s that time again for your children to assess their progress by taking the MAP tests. As discussed at the BTS coffee morning, this is not a time to panic! Rather, please try your best to take any stress out of the situation and simply help your child to follow their normal routines of sleeping, eating, studying and relaxing to help ensure that their MAP score is reflective of them as a learner at this time.


Your child will collaborate with their teacher in the coming weeks to use the MAPS data as part of their ongoing assessment and learning goals.

This week we will also be assessing your child’s progress within thier understanding of how the base 10 place value system extends infinitely in two directions and how they model addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Please take some time to look at your child’s Seesaw and post comments about their graphs that they have been sharing. This is a great example of transdiciplinary learning.

In UOI sessions we will build on the wonderful learning shared in last week’s assembly and delve into Environmental interactions. By examing real world case studies we will unpick vocabulary such as ecosytems and food chains and webs. This is a great opportunity for background reading online and in books at home. The more they read, the better!

Have a great week.

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IMG_0379So last week was a short week, but we still managed to pack lots in, including a wonderful celebration of growth mindset as part of International Dot Day. Mr Matt got creative with our bottle caps and created some symbols of peace and harmony in the PYP atrium. In class we got curious and conducted research into “Why do animals have dots” as well as challenging ourselves to do observational drawings of dotty animals.

In the coming days we are preparing for our first Grade 4 Assembly of the year. Hope to see you in the auditorium on Friday from 8am!

In Maths we continue to build our understanding of Data Handling and are beginning to apply our skills to our inquiries into mung beans, animals, ecosystems and the habitats and biomes they live in.

In Literacy we are exploring instructional writing features within different contexts. As part of our homework we are challenging Grade 4 to read 200 books in 30 days! Please support your child to maintain and develop their reading habits at home. We look forward to students sharing their love of reading with each other over the coming weeks.

A reminder that MAP testing will take place between September 30th to October 4th and the finalised dates of each class’ test sessions will be shared soon.

Have a great week!


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Making observations

IMG_0365This week we have continued observing our beans. What changes can we see? How are they adapting to their different circumstances? Will they survive? These questions are helping us to inquire into a broader spectrum of environmental interactions over the coming weeks. Your child will become familiar with the words habitat, ecosystem and biome and will be gathering information to share in class.

In Maths we are deepening our understanding of how Data can be presented effectively for valid interpretation and communication. Using Google Sheets as a tool, students are becoming increasingly confident when collecting data, displaying in graphs and interpreting data to make conclusions.

Within Literacy we have continued to develop our presenting skills by creating a range of diagrams on Seesaw to explain our Mung Bean experiments. Please visit your child’s posts and offer them constructive feedback. We have also began to get to grips with process and instruction writing as part of our exploration of the Scientific Process.

Dot Day today was great fun, thanks for your support with costumes to make it an engaging celebration of Growth Mindset!

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How do we adapt?

This week each class has set up an organised experiment to test how well plants can adapt to different circumstances. We discussed the importance of a fair test, chose a variable and made our hypothesis. The different plants will be treated to different growing conditions and we will make observations to see how they adapt over the coming days. I hope the salt water plant survives!

In Maths this week we will continue to explore how Data can be presented effectively for valid interpretation and communication. We will also make sure that we are focussing on our personal Maths goals (see homework this week).

In Literacy we are developing our understanding of the features of non-fiction texts including how to create our own diagrams (see Seesaw), how to find information using the glossary, index and contents and how to interpret information in maps. We also spent time this week with Ms Lindsay getting ready for Dot Day:

Dot Day Sign Final (1)

We have talked about what we are reading, here are some of the hot books right now in Grade 4:

Starting next week we will be sharing a recommended reading list from Ms Lindsay and some grade 4 helpers, watch this space. Also, a reminder that Mr Chris recommends buying a “wooden concert ukelele” on Lazada. Lots to choose from!

Have a great week.

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