Time for business

Last Friday we had a great zoom session with Deepanshu Arora and he was blown away by the quality of the Grade 4 students’ questions. We have really developed our questioning skills and in the process are learning a lot about the key skills of being an entrepreneur. Deepanshu also talked about how the brand name Toddle came about and this ties in beautifully with our Visual Art focus on logo design. There really have been some wonderful logos created by your children!

Our Maths inquiries are going really well and students who have engaged with the Offline/Online writing project are making excellent progress.

This week we are inviting another budding entrepreneur to speak with the grade. Nelson Periera is a University student in New York and is developing his own home learning programme. We look forward to zooming with him on Friday (which is also a House Day).

As always, an overview of our planning can be found here.

Have a great week, see you in Zoom on Tuesday.



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Great KIS Spirit

What a wonderful show of Spirit we saw on Friday! Here’s a celebration of what was shared:

Thank you as always for your support in these events and we hope you had a great time too! This week we’ve seen great interest in our latest Entrepeneur interaction and the students have been writing some excellent questions. We can’t wait to Zoom with Deepanshu Arora, creator of ToddleTIES, on Friday.

We’re also seeing some great inquiring in our Maths sessions as well as a consolidation of key skills that will help your children prepare for the transition into Grade 5. Students who are engaging with our Offline/Online writing task have been really learning from our feedback and making some great progress with their personalised writing targets.

Have a great week, looking forward to seeing you on Zoom at 1pm on Tuesday!

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Spirit Day


On Friday 15th May KIS will hold an all-day Spirit Day for Grades 1-5! This is an optional opportunity to show our House Spirit and a full breakdown of the day’s activities will be shared by SEA and through Seesaw on Friday morning. Lots of house points will be up for grabs and we can’t wait to see your creativity and enthusiasm! Homeroom teachers will be offline during Friday and our Friday classroom Zooms have been rearranged to take place on Thursday instead.

On Tuesday morning homeroom teachers will be in school to arrange your child’s books and belongings for collection. A clearly labelled bag will be available for you to collect from the KIS car park/secondary entrance on Wednesday 13th or Thursday 14th between 8.30am and 3.30pm. Please contact your child’s teacher asap if there are any extra belongings you might like us to add to the bag. It is not compulsory to collect your child’s books at this time but they may be useful for offline home learning.

Last week we really enjoyed speaking with you all at the parent zoom meeting and we look forward to seeing you all again on Tuesday afternoon at 1pm.

Have a great week!


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New Zoom schedule

We begin a new week of home learning with the joyful news that restrictions are starting to be lifted and we hope you and your children have accessed the new Zoom schedules that we have posted on our classrooms.

We really enjoyed seeing you at 1pm today. This weekly session in an optional drop in session to ask any questions you may have or to give us feedback about the learning programme. If your question is specific to your child only, then please email your homeroom teacher and we will get back to you asap. We really value your feedback and will talk about how to incorporate your suggestions in our upcoming weekly plans.

The focus continues to be on QUALITY learning. This is the rubric we shared in the meeting:

Parent zoom

Have a great short week!

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House Spirit

Welcome to another week of home learning and we’re looking forward to a celebration of house spirit on Thursday. Thank you all for your commitment to the Yearbook selfie activity last week.

We hope that you found the planning document useful last week and that it is helping you to maintain the balance between offline, online and keeping a healthy lifestyle. This week we begin a new unit of How we organise ourselves and our tuning in activities will involve children thinking about how inventors identify opportunities. 

In Maths we are looking at decimal numbers and fractional representation; time to reactivate what we learnt earlier in the year! Our Language focus will involve some grammar and a continued engagement on reading and writing. More details can be found here.

Have a great week and see you soon (hopefully)!

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Welcome back

We hope you have had a wonderful holiday and been able to keep a balance to life despite the unusual circumstances. Thank you for taking the time to take part in the Home Learning survey: the feedback you offered has been used to make some adjustments to our programme. As always, if you have any suggestions or feedback please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

We begin Term 3 under home learning restrictions, and in grade 4 we will continue using Google classroom as the hub of our communication. Students should continue to look out for the teacher videos posted at 9am and 2pm each day and access activities on Seesaw, IXL, Raz, Epic, Readworks and the google suite as per their teachers’ directions.

In addition this term, every Monday on the Google Classrooms, teachers will be sharing a weekly plan with ‘Must do’ activites that must be completed, and ‘Can do’ activities that are optional additions. Teachers will continue to offer feedback to submitted activities and will support learning progress with personalised assessment rubrics. There will continue to be PE, Music, Art and TAL activities and Grade 4 students are expected to independently engage with their personalised Reading, Maths and Writing activities every day.

First up this term we will be briefly revisiting our Who we Are unit this week, reviewing some grammatical features in our writing and consolidating our learning of 2D and 3D shapes and symmetry. More details can be found here.

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Holiday Learning

Dear parents,

Normally we would just say go and have a HOLIDAY but this Songkran is a little strange. As well as finding time to spend with our families, to relax, read, eat healthy food, exercise and love each other you might also appreciate some ideas to keep you busy. As such we’ve prepared lots of things that can be done offline and there is no need to post anything on Seesaw: just have some fun.

Holiday activities

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House spirit

On Friday we saw a wonderful celebration of figurative House Spirit in your literal houses! What a way for us to bond with each other despite being apart. At the same time it’s a reminder of our collective responsibility as we continue to follow social distancing advice even with the challenges it entails. We should all take pride in playing our part to bring the situation under control.

The Grade 4 Seesaw feed is bristling with amazing learning and the way that students are responding to peer and teacher feedback shows great independence and responsibility for their learning progress.

We look forward to another rewarding week of home learning. Please support your child to be a responsible digital citizen over the coming week. If you need any support on how to do this, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Have a great week!

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Home learning week 2

Dear parents and students,

As we come to the start of our 2nd week of Home Learning and the news that it will continue to beyond the Songkran break, we would like to share some reminders and give you an opportunity for feedback. It’s been really positive to see how well you have all engaged with the learning we have been posting. Keep remembering to:

  • E-mail us if students are stressed or having difficulties.

  • Be balanced; focus on QUALITY of learning rather than QUANTITY

  • Students should be checking their google classroom in the morning at 9am and again in the afternoon at 2pm.

  • Look out for feedback from your friends or teachers. We are all writing stars and wishes on Seesaw so how can you use this feedback to make improvements to your posts?

  • Be attentive when reading instructions and double check your work before you post.

Keep up the inspirational learning and see you soon!

Grade 4 team

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Home learning w/c 16 March

Dear all,

Over the next 2 weeks we will be posting home learning on your google classrooms (First posts tomorrow at 8.45am). You are expected to check in twice every day; we suggest at 9am and 3pm but that is up to you. Here are links just in case, but you already have access to these and use them every day. You only need to look at your homeroom classroom:

G4A : Class code f27aicp

G4B : Class code c4bd5lm

G4C : Class code wpbgcll

For specialist activities, please visit Seesaw and Mr Ben’s google classroom. Also check Ms Linday’s blog for loads of fun activities. Be a balanced learner and make sure every day includes every lesson from Art to Maths!

Any questions? Email your homeroom teacher and we’ll get back to you asap. Stay safe!

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