Student Learning Nov. 12-16, 2018

This week in class has been another fun week of science and learning.  We started to learn how to use the Scientific Method to do an experiment with a pendulum.  Students tried to predict and create a hypothesis of if the length and weight would affect the number of swings of the pendulum.  Students enjoyed testing the pendulums and creating a data table with their results.  They then changed the variable – length or weight – and tested again.  Students then began to learn how to write the results and conclusion.  We will be continuing to work on the scientific method for the next couple of weeks and practice the design process to create our own experiments.

In math this week we looked at long division.  This is proving to be a challenge and we will be covering it a lot more in the coming weeks!  Integrated into our unit we are working with data, mean, measurement, and weight – lots of fun applying these concepts to real science experiments and learning by doing.

In our language arts we are integrating our reading with non-fiction texts and writing reports, procedures, and explanations.  Having it integrated into the unit makes it more authentic for students and they are enjoying doing all of the work together on our forces topics.  Here are the pictures from the week – enjoy!


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