Student Learning Nov. 19-23, 2018

This past week has been so much fun!  We are doing lots of inquiry and investigations with science and started the week with mini inquires into different experiments. The next experiment is the egg drop which everyone is very excited to do.  This will be helping us learn the scientific method, design cycle, and group communication and work skills.  Students will have opportunities to design their egg drop contraption and then test it.  They will then have multiply opportunities to redesign and improve upon their initial design.  The final drop will take place the week of the 26th-30th.

In math we are incorporating a lot with our unit still and working on developing an understanding of division. Some of our classes for the week are being rotated between A/B/C and some will be in our homeroom class.  Different activities will be done at different levels to help students develop from where they are on the continuum in learning.

In Language Arts we are focusing on non-fiction texts and looking at building fluency and comprehension strategies.  We will be doing reading workshops and students will be reading at different times with a teacher during the week.  We are using Readworks, Reading A-Z, ORT books, and fluency passages with students.  Each class is also doing different read aloud books chosen for specific reasons in each class.  Here are some of the pictures for the week – enjoy!

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