Welcome Back!!!! Happy 2019….


Happy Holidays and Welcome Back!

We hope everyone had a wonderful break and we would like to welcome everyone back.  A special welcome to our new students and parents to our KIS family!

This is going to a very fun and exciting term and we will be touching first upon our unit on Inspiring Individuals before beginning our unit on Past Civilizations.  We have our residential trip coming up to  Ayutthaya which everyone is very excited for and students have been talking about already. Our new unit next week will be inquiry into:

Title: Past Civilizations

Central Idea:  Civilizations develop over time and their influence and connection in the present day.

Lines of Inquiry:

  • How civilizations develop.
  • Human systems in past and present societies.
  • Connections between past and present societies.


Function, Change, and Connection

Related Concepts:

Culture, systems, community, society, civilizations, influence, development, factors.

Approaches To Learning:

Information literacy, Formulating and planning, data gathering and recording, synthesizing and interpreting, evaluating and communicating.

Formulating and planning

  • Ask or design relevant questions of interest that can be researched.
  • Outline a plan for finding necessary information.
  • Evaluate and select appropriate information sources and/or digital tools based on the task.

Data gathering and recording

  • Gather information from a variety of primary and secondary sources.

Synthesizing and Interpreting

  • Draw conclusions from relationships and patterns that emerge from data.
  • Present information in a variety of formats and platforms.

Media literacy:

  • Interacting with media to use and create ideas and information
  • Locate, organize, analyse, evaluate and synthesize information from a variety of trusted sources, social media and online networks.
  • Compare, contrast and draw connections among (multi)media resources.
  • Seek a range of perspectives from multiple and varied media sources.
  • Demonstrate awareness of media interpretations of events and ideas.
  • Communicate information and ideas effectively to multiple audiences using a variety of media and modalities.

Ethical use of media/ information Understanding and  applying social and ethical technology

  • Use media ethically to communicate, share and connect with others.
  • Differentiate reliable from unreliable sources.
    Understand the impact of media representations and modes of presentation.

Social Studies:

-Students will recognize different aspects of human society, focusing on themselves and others within their own community as well as groups of people that are distant in time and place.

Orientate in relation to place and time:  Students will explore and share instances of change and continuity in personal lives, family and local histories; distinguish between past, present and future time; explore similarities and differences between the past and the present; sequence events, routines, personal histories in chronological order; interpret place and time using tools such as maps and timelines.

Human systems and economic activities: The study of how and why people construct organizations and systems; the ways in which people connect locally and globally; the distribution of power and authority.

Social organization and culture: The study of people, communities, cultures and societies; the ways in which individuals, groups and societies interact with each other.

Continuity and change through time: The study of the relationships between people and events through time; the past, its influences on the present and its implications for the future; people who have shaped the future through their actions.
In Math this term we will be looking at measurement with length, mass, finding area, perimeter, volume, and time.  Students will be doing a lot of hands on activities and centers to help develop understanding and confidence with the concepts. We will be integrating math with our UOI to help students have real life applications of the concepts.

In Language Arts we will be integrating our writing with our UOI with myths, writing to entertain, and understanding that stories have a plot; identify the main idea; discuss and outline the sequence of events leading to the final outcome.  Students will be developing in writing independently and with confidence, demonstrating a personal voice as a writer, and writing for a range of purposes, both creative and informative, using different types of structures and styles according to the purpose of the writing.  In reading we will be continuing to work in flexible reading groups and reading a variety of books for pleasure, instruction, and information; reflecting on our reading and setting goals.  We will be looking at how writers plan and structure their stories to achieve particular effects and  identifying features that can be replicated when planning their own stories.

Finally, we would like to thank everyone for a wonderful celebration of our learning and community in December and a big thank you to all the parents for helping with the class party and many gifts!  Your help and support is so appreciated!

We look forward to the next term and 2019 with great anticipation and look forward to all the fun and learning we will be doing.  All the best wishes for a great new year, health, happiness, prosperity, and love!

The G4 Team




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