Our First Week Back – January 7-11th, 2019

What a busy and fun week!  We started out with our UOI 1 – dipping back into “Inspiring Individuals” by doing activities to build community, inclusiveness, practice growth mindsets, and goal setting.  We did rotation activities to do Kindness Cards, an obstacle course, and Win Lose or Draw/Charades.  Students are challenged to take action this week to implement our learning for the lines of inquiry.  This unit is a year long unit that we are dipping into and out of until June. The unit outline is:

Title: Inspiring individuals

The pursuit of quality learning through “self-development engages people in meaningful action” for themselves and others

Central Idea: Self-development engages people in meaningful action

Lines of inquiry
*Striving for understanding.
*Develop passion in ourselves and others.
*Creating an inclusive and caring community.
*Taking ethical action.

In math we started our new unit with time – we will be looking at telling time, vocabulary, and timelines.  We will then be moving into doing length, area, volume, capacity, and mass.

In Language Arts we are looking at myths and reading and writing our own myths.  We continue with the reading workshops and are looking at the summary, timelines, and sequence of events. We are working to understand that stories have a plot; identifying the main idea; discussing and outlining the sequence of events leading to the final outcome in our texts.

Finally, we would like to welcome our new student Brendan and his family to KIS!


G4 Team


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