Jan. 14-18, 2019




We had a really fun week with our new unit – Past Civilizations!  Our first activities to ‘tune in’ to the concepts were to understand how we study the past and do a mini archaeology dig.  The students really enjoyed learning about how archaeologist set up a site and make grids to track their findings.  We set up a grid and used both real artifacts and pictures of ancient artifacts for students to find and research.  We looked at systems in society such as government, transportation, healthcare, education, communication, religion/beliefs, trade/money, entertainment, and culture/art and how we study humans through the artifacts found to understand how societies developed.  This is the first week so we are striving for understanding and just beginning to investigate how to study the history of civilizations.  We ended the week with a really fun dress up and activity day for students as they inquired into hieroglyphics art, Olympic sports, and building structures from past civilizations.

In math we worked on telling time, perimeter and area. Integrated with our UOI we investigated coordinates through the archaeological dig and making the scale of the dig site.

In language arts we are beginning to look at myths, the features of a myth, character traits, and plots.  In our reading workshop we are working on building our vocabulary and looking at the sequence of events in a story.  This will lead to writing our own myths in this unit.

We really enjoyed the Wai Kru ceremony and send a big thank you to our Thai department for such a lovely ceremony.  A big thank you to the parents for all the beautiful flowers and kind words – we really appreciate how much support and caring our community has!

Here are the pictures of the week:







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