Jan. 21-25th, 2019

This week in our UOI we continued finding out about ancient civilizations and how they developed through time.  We looked how artifacts can tell us about the past and what systems a civilization might have had. We investigated civilizations students choose and began to build a Google Tour integrating ICT.  Finally, we looked at elements in a myth and integrated our writing with our UOI to make connections and understand how civilizations communicated.

In math we are working on perimeter, area, and moving into compound shapes and recalling decimals to use in our calculations for area and perimeter.  We are doing area of a triangle and practicing multiplication and division through doing the calculations for area and perimeter.

In our reading workshops we are doing storyboards to summarize our reading and working on vocabulary building activities.  In our inquiry into myths we are finding the elements of the plot and summarizing to integrate with both UOI and language arts.

Here are some of the pictures of the week!



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