Jan. 28-Feb. 1, 2019

What a week of learning!  In our UOI we all worked together across the grades to organize our research library and create displays for each civilization library.  We were grouped based upon the google tour civilization we chose and used both our own drawings and pictures to create a collage for the library backdrop with important information about our civilizations.  Next, we integrated our myth writing with our UOI and watched a myth video for story plot line.  From this we brainstormed with a partner ideas for our own myths and a natural phenomenon to explain. We wrote our myths in a google slide and some of them are added to google classroom.  The will be completed and edited next week.  Finally, we worked on our ‘google tour’ of a civilization in the computer lab.  It is a fun way to explore the civilization and research facts, dates, and places for our civilizations.  

In math we looked at 2D and 3D shapes.  We began with properties of polygons, properties of 2D shapes, and finally properties of 3D shapes. We made nets for story line dice in our myths to integrated language and math.

In language arts we worked on our myths and reading workshop with storyboards summarizing our books and vocabulary.  Students are becoming more confident in building their storyboards and sharing their summaries with their group.  Some groups have moved on to Seesaw their storyboards and discuss their books.  Students are working on vocabulary based upon words from their reading.  Students are encouraged to keep up reading in RAZ Kids and to read at home as well.

This week we had home learning on Thursday and Friday due to the air quality.  This was a first for most of us and we are learning how to implement it effectively.  Some students completed a lot of work and some students did not have access to devices or the internet – all the major components of this work will be gone over in class.  At this point in Grade 4 students are just beginning to use online tools such as their email and Google Classroom effectively and consistently so work that needs to be completed will also be gone over in class.  We hope everyone was able to use the Google Classroom tool to access work and if there is any feedback from parents, do please let us know so next time we can improve even more.  Thank you for your help and support on these days of home learning!

Here are some of the pictures for last week – enjoy!



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