Feb. 11-13th, 2019

What a fun and exciting week!  We had our G4 sports day and upper school sports days with students enjoying the activities for all.  Our grade 4 class did steal the bacon and benchball on Monday and then had the track and field events on Wednesday.  After lunch for those that stayed we had a wonderful time with G4 in the swimming pool to relax and end the day.

In our UOI we started our civilizations with students choosing and designing their own civilization and systems.  Students will detail how their civilization will function, draw maps of their civilization/country, write a myth involving how their civilization developed, and finally after our residential trip students will create an artifact from their civilization.  The students will find the area and perimeter of their civilization/country and do the scale on the map.  This week is very integrated with students using the civilization project as the central topic for all our learning.

Here are some pictures of the week:

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