Feb. 18-22nd, 2019

This was a super fun week in our learning!  Monday and Tuesday we worked on our culminating project in our unit of making a civilization and creating all the systems in the civilization with a map and drawings of our civilization.  This project integrates our myth writing, math area and perimeter, and will include art as we work to create an artifact representation for our civilization.

We then had our Residential Trip to Ayutthaya!  What a fun and exciting trip we had.  The Barge program was extremely well organized and the activities all helped to create understanding of civilization development in the Ayutthaya area.  We learned how multicultural the area was and how the different trade routes made possible by the location allowed the area to prosper.  Overall, everyone enjoyed their time and as we built knowledge and relationships together.

Here are some of the pictures of the week, enjoy!

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