March 11-15

Last Week in Grade 4….

In Mathematics, students started looking at fractions and finished their inquiries into angles and lines and the use of protractors. Students also completed a Post-Assessment to check their understanding.

In UOI students inquired into the vocabulary related to the UOI through various types of activities. Students also delved into the form and function of marketing, messages, influence and media through a wonderful presenter from KIS Marketing Department, Ms. Laurie.

Ms. Laurie presented an insightful and very interesting presentation on the foundational aspects and concepts that form marketing and how the psychology, biology and sociology are tools to be utilised by those who wish to influence.

In Language students have begun to learn about Reader’s Theater as a writing genre. Students were presented a short series of plays by their teachers and then separated into groups to begin to build ideas on making their own script for a story which contains the elements of reader’s theater:

Image result for theater symbolElements of Reader’s Theatre:
-Read the script
-Purpose / message for the audience
– Use our vocabulary words!!!
-Each group member should have about equal lines
– Direction / setting
– Storyboard map

How do you want to influence your audience?
What’s the message?

Lines of inquiry: #1 How media can be used to influence and #3 The design-create process of making media & manipulation

Approaches to Learning: 

Communication Skills = Speaking, Reading, Writing, Listening, Viewing, Presenting

Social skills – Accepting responsibility, cooperating, group decision-making, adopting a variety of roles

Self-Management Skills – gross/fine motor skills, spatial awareness, organization, time management, safety, codes of behaviour, informed choices



(click on the square in the google slides bar to view in full screen)

Dates to remember:

Artigras week: 18-22nd of March

Grade 4 coffee Meeting:  28th of March

World Book Day: 23rd of April (and Mr. Nic’s birthday 😉

Battle of the Bands: 19th of March

School Photos: 25th-29th of March

Exhibition: April 1st



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