Week 18-22 In Review

Last Week in Grade 4….


In Mathematics, students have been continuing their investigation into fractions. Specifically into equivalent fractions and mixed fraction. Additionally, students are looking at the language of fractions, such as denominator and Numerator and understanding them through comparisons and analysis. We used many manipulatives (objects for learning) to gain a better understanding of fractions.

In UOI and Language students have been collaboratively creating their influential messages through their theater play-scripts. Students have been using all elements of readers theater and working on props, costumes and acting to finalise their dramas. The genre of reader’s theater allows students to understand all the parts of what makes theater a type of media in which messages are imparted to an audience for specific purposes. Expression, character, clarity, volume
Image result for theater symbolElements of Reader’s Theatre:
-Read the script
-Purpose / message for the audience
– Use our vocabulary words!!!
-Each group member should have about equal lines
– Direction / setting
– Storyboard map

How do you want to influence your audience?
What’s the message?

Lines of inquiry: #1 How media can be used to influence and #3 The design-create process of making media & manipulation

Approaches to Learning: 

Communication Skills = Speaking, Reading, Writing, Listening, Viewing, Presenting

Social skills – Accepting responsibility, cooperating, group decision-making, adopting a variety of roles

Self-Management Skills – gross/fine motor skills, spatial awareness, organization, time management, safety, codes of behaviour, informed choices

Dates to remember:

                          ***Grade 4 coffee Meeting:  28th of March***

World Book Day: 23rd of April (and Mr. Nic’s birthday 😉

Battle of the Bands: 19th of March

School Photos: 25th-29th of March

Exhibition: April 1st

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