Developing our passions

It’s hard to believe 2 weeks have flown by so fast, but at the same time we have done so much! The Grade 4 learning community has developed a strong essential agreement, revolving around the school’s Quality Learning Behaviours (QLBs) and this will underpin everything we do in Grade 4 this year.

We are determined to be a caring and inclusive learning community full of students (and teachers) who strive for understanding at every opportunity. We are committed to reflecting on opportunities to take ethical action on a personal, local and global scale.

As part of our homework this week we have asked your children to think more deeply about the passion they have identified. Every Friday Grade 4 students will be given the chance to nurture passions in themselves and others and this might require an action plan to help them remember to bring in resources and materials for the exciting activities they are planning. Ask your child about their passion and their action plan to develop it.

This week in Maths we are continuing some start of term assessments to help your child formulate meaningful learning goals. At the same time we are exploring our understanding of how the base 10 number system extends infinitely in both directions and how we can recognise, represent and order numbers to at least tens of thousands.

In Literacy we are spending some time exploring the Ideas writing trait and sharing approaches to help us generate and develop organised and creative ideas for our writing.

Have a great week.

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