Wake up and smell the coffee…

First things first, please join us for our Back To School Coffee Morning on Thursday at 8am in the AP room. As our first meeting of the year we will be discussing start of year procedures, routines and more. See you there!

This week we are beginning our investigation of how Data can be presented effectively for valid interpretation and communication.  During PE sessions this year G4 students have been measuring their scores and times at various sporting events and we will be exploring how we can use Google Sheets to interpret and present this data. At the same time, your child has been developing a personalised Maths goal, linked to their understanding of Number and Operations. Please talk with your child to find out how you can help them to work on this.

Last week we had a great time at the Inter House events on Thursday and Friday, organised by Mr Matt and the PYP PE team.IMG_0083

Within Literacy, Grade 4 have been working with Ms Lindsey, the PYP librarian, to inquire into the features of non-fiction texts. This week we will use this knowledge as part of an exploration into how plants survive and the effect of different factors on their survival.

Our new Unit is under the theme Sharing the Planet and more details can be found here.

See you on Thursday!

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