How do we adapt?

This week each class has set up an organised experiment to test how well plants can adapt to different circumstances. We discussed the importance of a fair test, chose a variable and made our hypothesis. The different plants will be treated to different growing conditions and we will make observations to see how they adapt over the coming days. I hope the salt water plant survives!

In Maths this week we will continue to explore how Data can be presented effectively for valid interpretation and communication. We will also make sure that we are focussing on our personal Maths goals (see homework this week).

In Literacy we are developing our understanding of the features of non-fiction texts including how to create our own diagrams (see Seesaw), how to find information using the glossary, index and contents and how to interpret information in maps. We also spent time this week with Ms Lindsay getting ready for Dot Day:

Dot Day Sign Final (1)

We have talked about what we are reading, here are some of the hot books right now in Grade 4:

Starting next week we will be sharing a recommended reading list from Ms Lindsay and some grade 4 helpers, watch this space. Also, a reminder that Mr Chris recommends buying a “wooden concert ukelele” on Lazada. Lots to choose from!

Have a great week.

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