Making observations

IMG_0365This week we have continued observing our beans. What changes can we see? How are they adapting to their different circumstances? Will they survive? These questions are helping us to inquire into a broader spectrum of environmental interactions over the coming weeks. Your child will become familiar with the words habitat, ecosystem and biome and will be gathering information to share in class.

In Maths we are deepening our understanding of how Data can be presented effectively for valid interpretation and communication. Using Google Sheets as a tool, students are becoming increasingly confident when collecting data, displaying in graphs and interpreting data to make conclusions.

Within Literacy we have continued to develop our presenting skills by creating a range of diagrams on Seesaw to explain our Mung Bean experiments. Please visit your child’s posts and offer them constructive feedback. We have also began to get to grips with process and instruction writing as part of our exploration of the Scientific Process.

Dot Day today was great fun, thanks for your support with costumes to make it an engaging celebration of Growth Mindset!

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