Every (learning) journey needs a MAP (test)

It’s that time again for your children to assess their progress by taking the MAP tests. As discussed at the BTS coffee morning, this is not a time to panic! Rather, please try your best to take any stress out of the situation and simply help your child to follow their normal routines of sleeping, eating, studying and relaxing to help ensure that their MAP score is reflective of them as a learner at this time.


Your child will collaborate with their teacher in the coming weeks to use the MAPS data as part of their ongoing assessment and learning goals.

This week we will also be assessing your child’s progress within thier understanding of how the base 10 place value system extends infinitely in two directions and how they model addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Please take some time to look at your child’s Seesaw and post comments about their graphs that they have been sharing. This is a great example of transdiciplinary learning.

In UOI sessions we will build on the wonderful learning shared in last week’s assembly and delve into Environmental interactions. By examing real world case studies we will unpick vocabulary such as ecosytems and food chains and webs. This is a great opportunity for background reading online and in books at home. The more they read, the better!

Have a great week.

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