We wish you a happy holiday…

As we near the end of term students are sharing their understanding of our How the World Works unit. We’ve had a really engaging time getting scientific and it was awesome to see the scientific process in action during our field trip to Amped last week.

IMG_2440We started the week this week by celebrating our passion for Badminton with an interhouse tournament and we’d like to invite you to see how your child nurtures passion in themself and others this Thursday 12th December after the class party. From 1.50-2.30 your child will be ready to share their passion with you and show you how they have nurtured and developed it this year. This could involve demonstrations, games and guided interactive activities. We look forward to seeing you there!

Thanks in advance for all the help with the food for the party, it’s great to have so many supportive parents! Have the most wonderful holiday!

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