Full steam ahead!

We really feel like we’ve hit the ground running with Grade 4 this year! The challenging experiences of home learning have certainly developed student independence and there is also a clear focus on the quality, rather than the quantity, of learning.

Last week we ran sessions reminding children how to engage with our wide array of online learning programs and by the end of this week your child should feel comfortable logging in to IXL, Epic, Raz-kids, Seesaw and the Google suite.

Our weekly homework can be found here.

Our Maths focus for the start of term is assessing and building on our Number Knowledge. Over the coming weeks your child will identify a personalised learning target that suits their learning needs and learn how to work towards it. Targets may range from practising addition and subtraction facts, to times table practice, or identifying and exploring exponents and beyond. We will also be learning to use whole numbers up to millions or beyond in real life situations, exploring place value and using mental and written strategies for solving problems involving the four operations.

3ae570960c1ca246ceb52719d1f029b9Within Literacy we will be inquiring into the concept of visualisation while reading. Asking ourselves: How do we build mental pictures of the texts we read, and practising our creative writing by responding to images and writing our ideas about what is happening.

We will also be learning to identify a ‘good fit’ fit book in conjunction with our library sessions. A good way to support your child’s reading choices at home is using the ‘I Pick’ acronym.


Thank you for all the support you are giving to your children to help them adapt to the new school environment under the Covid-19 precautions. They are doing a wonderful job! Have a great week.

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