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We’re really developing a head of steam now, and inquiring into some deep concepts in our learning.

In Literacy last week we focussed on developing our Visualisation skills to help us ‘paint a mental picture’ for the reader. In sessions we drew pictures while listening to read alouds, created mind maps and story planners while reading, and used visual prompts to inspire our writing.

Our Maths focus continues to be the development of our number knowledge and developing a range of strategies to help us solve problems involving the four operations. Based on assessments of your child’s comfort levels they have been working towards writing a personalised number knowledge target and learning new strategies within the four operations.

Our UOI focus has been upon our passions and exploring the KIS Core Value of nurturing passion in ourself and others. This is leading to some enthusiastic inquiries!

download (1)Homework as always can be found here.

See you at the coffee morning on Thursday 8.00am in the auditorium. More information can be found in Ms June’s letter below:


PS Parent Letter 28082020

Have a great week!

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