Week commencing Monday September 21

Over the next 3 days we will wrap up Term 1 MAP testing. As always, the results will be viewed alongside all our other assessment data and used to formulate personalised learning goals. We look forward to sharing your child’s personalised learning goals with you during your conference time.

MAPS testing is a great time to open discussions about what striving for understandingIMG_0570 looks like and how we can adopt a growth mindset when setting ourselves learning targets. Across the grade we have seen really high level of engagement, responsibility, enthusiasm and risk taking over the last week.

We’ve got our teeth into our Sharing the Planet unit by inquiring into how mung beans adapt to circumstances, and begun to explore animal adaptations too.

In Literacy we are continuing to explore the writing process when drafting, revising and editing our ficitonal pieces. At the same time this wonderful unit calls for a non-fictional focus when reading and we will also be inquiring into the features of non-fiction texts as we build towards some informational writing.

Within Maths we are consolidating and developing our Number Knowledge and strategies for solving problems involving the four operations.

As always, more details on our learning outcomes can be found here. This week we have issued a “homework-lite” (due on Wednesday) because school will be closed on both Thursday and Friday.

Have a wonderful long weekend!

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