Week commencing 5th October

This week we have our first House Events with a handball tournament taking place on Friday afternoon. We can’t wait to see students celebrating our caring and inclusive community!

Within Maths we continue our dual focus on Number and Operations and Data Handling within our Unit of Inquiry learning. As always, please click here for more details of our planned learning outcomes.

In Literacy we continue to develop our research skills alongside sessions from our Library specialist, Ms Lindsay. Students are becoming increasingly confident identifying keywords, finding trusted sources and identifying the key features of non-fiction texts. We are also learning how to create labelled diagrams to record our research.

Screenshot 2020-10-02 at 10.46.27 AMFor homework this week we are sharing an activity to help ensure your child has a suitable reading book ready at home for their daily reading practice. These might be books you have at home, from a local library or bookshop, or of course from our wonderful school library. As shared previously, we use questions like this to help students “Pick” their books.

In addition, in response to some parent feedback during conferences, we’d like to share the following thinking routine that your child could use after reading at home. This can be printed out, or simply displayed on a screen and used to structure and guide a reflection about what your child is reading.


Have a great week!

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