UOI Current Unit



Title Entrepreneurs

Central Idea:

Entrepreneurs grasp opportunities and gather the resources to turn a possibility into a reality.

Lines of Inquiry:

  • how to develop a business
  • identifying an opportunity
  • Entrepreneurial skills and attitudes

Concepts:  Function, Connection, Responsibilities

Related Concepts: Market Place, Business Planning, Supply and Demand, Analysis.

PSPE: An effective group can accomplish more than a set of individuals. Individuals can extend and challenge their current understanding by engaging with the ideas and perspectives of others.

Literacy: Persuading writing/advertising, writing process continued.

Numeracy: Addition/Subtraction, rounding, place value, money, data handling.

Social Studies: communications, employment, production, transportation, conflict

Approaches to Learning:  Thinking Skills, Self-Management, Research Skills

Learner Profiles: Risk Taker, Thinker, Curiosity, Commitment



Title: Inspiring Individuals

The pursuit of quality learning  through “self-development engages people in meaningful action” for themselves and others

Central Idea: Self-development engages people in meaningful action

Lines of inquiry

*Striving for understanding

*Develop passion in ourselves and others

*Creating an inclusive and caring community

*Taking ethical action

causation, perspective, responsibility, (reflection)


We will be looking at how being emotionally aware helps us to manage relationships and support each other.

Language Arts:

We will be thinking about how the perspective of our audience helps us to communicate more effectively and appropriately.  We will listen appreciatively and responsively, presenting their own point of view and respecting the views of others. Understanding how taking time to reflect on what we hear and say helps us to make informed judgments and form new opinions.  We will be looking at different types of texts and how they serve different purposes. We will discover how reading and thinking work together to enable us to make meaning. In writing we will use the writing process of planning, drafting, editing and revising, to help our writing improve over time.


We will be investigating:

How the base 10 place value system extends infinitely in two directions.

The properties of odd and even numbers.

Recognizing, representing, and ordering numbers.

Practice and review adding and subtracting and estimating in addition and subtraction.