Aladdin Poster Drawing Contest

Design aposter foraladdin! Design Competition Aladdin (1)

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Swimming with G4C -Above and Below Water

Freestyle Stroke and Underwater Task Breath-Holding

Students had their formative assessments in swimming this past wednesday and some great videos have come up. We have here Class G4C displaying their skills in freestyle stroke and their ability to swim underwater for extended duration to complete a tasks. Here the task was to pick up toy cars from the bottom of the pool.

The first videos are freestyle strokes and the last video is breath-holding by a few students.

A big thank you to the Amazing Mr. Ben and his swim assistant for the great video.

Do ask your children about it.

Enjoy ūüôā

Here are the underwater times of G4C for November 2018.

Some additional practices will occur this month and a second underwater assessment will happen before xmas break


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Parent Forum


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Diwali Celebrations

PS Diwali Celebrations 2018

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Student Learning Nov. 5-9th, 2018

This week was a busy and fun week. In our UOI we did some activating ideas about forces with examples of what forces are and what are non-examples. We did a finding out/sorting out activity with pictures and vocabulary and we created mind maps of what forces are.  We then we had rotations between all the classes with forces items, vocabulary and experiments, to show push/pull/magnets, friction/potential energy, and tension/air resistance.  Students really enjoyed working in groups to discover forces and build meaning for the vocabulary in the hands on activities.

In math we started looking at measurement more with a treasure hunt to find lengths in millimeters, centimeters, meters, inches, feet, and yards.  We also continued practicing finding the mean or average and multiplication and division.  A lot of our math concepts are integrated currently with our unit to help students apply concepts to real world applications.

In Language we are focusing on non-fiction texts continuing to build vocabulary, find main ideas and details, and grammar work. In writing we are focusing on report writing, explanations, and procedure writing. The next week we will have our first scientific procedures report and will look at all the parts that go into scientific writing such as writing meaningful questions, hypothesis, procedures, and explaining conclusions.

Next, we would like to give a big congratulations to our KIS PYP Dance team and Ms Lynn for winning the So You Think You Can Dance PYP competition and overall dance team.  All of the hard work really paid off!!!  Congratulations, and thank you for sharing your passion for dance with us!  Everyone was inspired by the performance and really enjoyed the competition.

In ICT news, we have had a couple of concerns for internet safety for students and so Mr. Eric has put together some resources for everyone to access and be aware of.  We really want to promote safety for students and help them to use the internet safely. Please do visit the resources and support students in making good and safe choices when they are accessing the internet at home. The resources can be found at:

We hope this helps and as Mr. Eric mentions, please do email him with any further questions or any tools you have found helpful. Encourage students to be aware and be safe in using the internet. Thank you so much for your support!

Finally, on a personal note, a huge thank you to all the parents and team for the wonderful birthday surprise on Friday for¬†my birthday!!!¬† It was incredibly thoughtful and it really touched my heart.¬† As you probably know, my mother passed away this summer and it was so wonderful to have such a feeling of family here with our KIS family!!!¬† I really appreciated the cake and gifts and can’t thank everyone enough for the wonderful gesture – thank you so much!!!

Finally, here are some of the pictures of our week, enjoy!



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Internet safety

Dear Parents,

Mr Eric, our Primary ICT Coordinator, has made a website about internet safety with some important resources for you to use. Please visit the link below ūüôā

All the best,

G4 Team

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Student Learning Oct. 29-Nov. 2nd

What a fun week! We had so much fun starting our new UOI РForces.  Our provocation was: How can we apply a force to an object to make it travel the furthest distance?  Students had four periods over two days to use the design process to create,  test, and improve their ideas to have a final design to test with our whole Grade 4 out on the basketball court.  The furthest distance traveled was 30 meters by the team of Oscar, Josh, Sunny, Gun, and Kin-Jung.  Congratulations!  This unit is going to be so much fun to explore forces in our world.  This unit students will be using the scientific process, design cycle, and research skills to help them construct understanding of the forces around us.

The Central Idea is:

Scientists apply learning about forces and motion, to explore and explain the the physical world.

Lines of Inquiry:

  • What are forces?
  • Forces and motion.
  • How forces act on the world around us.
  • Using the scientific process to explore forces and motion



Teacher question:

  • What are forces? What are the types of forces in our lives?
  • How are forces acting on us and other elements of our word?
  • What are the connections between forces and energy?
  • How do forces keep objects in place or move them?

For our math we are working on integrated topics with the unit for multiplication, addition, division, mean, median, mode, and ratios.  Students will also begin to use measurement Рboth metric and imperial systems Рto apply to real world scenarios with their experiments.

In language arts writing we are focusing on report writing and in reading we are moving to non-fiction texts.  We will be looking at reading and summarizing non-fiction for information and drawing conclusions, identifying the topic sentence, main idea, and details and facts to support the main idea, learning new vocabulary, using context clues to find out what a word means, antonyms and synonyms, base words, using a dictionary and glossary for word meaning, and recognizing and using a variety of comprehension strategies such as: questioning, reflecting, predicting, diagrams, scanning, skimming, and rereading.

This week saw Halloween celebrations with the assembly and activities with G5 and a huge thank you to KISPA and parents for the wonderful activities afternoon in the auditorium Рso much fun was had by all.  The bake sale also raised funds and awareness for breast cancer and we really appreciate all the hard work that went into making the events such a success.  We also would like to thank parents for decorating the shared spaces for Halloween celebrations on Friday Рwe really appreciate such amazing support from all parents.

We also had the G4 Coffee meeting on Thursday morning with all of the Residential information for parents.  Please ensure to register by the deadline if you would like your child to go.

Primary Residential Trip: 20-22 February 2019 –¬†Ayutthaya

November 8 –¬†Residential trip letter sent out
December 7 –¬†¬†Permission slip and payment deadline
February 8 Р  Packing list sent to parents


Pictures of our week:



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Student Learning October 15-19th

We had a short but fun week!¬† We completed our summative assessments for Entrepreneurs with our persuasive writing advertisements and our “My Business” analysis and reflection.¬† Students really enjoyed looking back at the unit and looked at how they identified opportunities and developed a business.

On Thursday we had our field trip to Seri Market which was so much fun.  Students interview shop owners and compared and contrasted shops from the market to the mall.  It was a very fun trip and we would like to thank all of our chaperons for helping out and making it all possible.

In math we continued with multiplication and will continue multiplication with decimals.¬† For language arts we wrote persuasive advertisements and continued to practice the “OREO” method for our writing.

In our reading groups we asked questions to try to understand what the author means, used phonetic strategies to read aloud, a range of strategies to self-monitor and self-correct, for example, inference, meaning, context, rereading, reading on, cross-checking one cue source against another to understand the book, and summarize books for particular purposes.

Here are some pictures from the week – enjoy!


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Halloween – Nov. 2nd


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Reminder: Field Trip to Seri Market – Thursday, October 18th

Dear Parents,

Just a reminder of our grade 4 field trip tomorrow to Seri Market.  We will be leaving at 8:30am from school and should return by 13:00 depending upon traffic.  Students can bring 200 baht and are responsible for their own money.  Food is not allowed to be purchased.  The main focus of our day is to see the different shops, interview shop owners to see how they set up their businesses, and to compare the shops from the mall to the market.

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