House spirit

On Friday we saw a wonderful celebration of figurative House Spirit in your literal houses! What a way for us to bond with each other despite being apart. At the same time it’s a reminder of our collective responsibility as we continue to follow social distancing advice even with the challenges it entails. We should all take pride in playing our part to bring the situation under control.

The Grade 4 Seesaw feed is bristling with amazing learning and the way that students are responding to peer and teacher feedback shows great independence and responsibility for their learning progress.

We look forward to another rewarding week of home learning. Please support your child to be a responsible digital citizen over the coming week. If you need any support on how to do this, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Have a great week!

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Home learning week 2

Dear parents and students,

As we come to the start of our 2nd week of Home Learning and the news that it will continue to beyond the Songkran break, we would like to share some reminders and give you an opportunity for feedback. It’s been really positive to see how well you have all engaged with the learning we have been posting. Keep remembering to:

  • E-mail us if students are stressed or having difficulties.

  • Be balanced; focus on QUALITY of learning rather than QUANTITY

  • Students should be checking their google classroom in the morning at 9am and again in the afternoon at 2pm.

  • Look out for feedback from your friends or teachers. We are all writing stars and wishes on Seesaw so how can you use this feedback to make improvements to your posts?

  • Be attentive when reading instructions and double check your work before you post.

Keep up the inspirational learning and see you soon!

Grade 4 team

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Home learning w/c 16 March

Dear all,

Over the next 2 weeks we will be posting home learning on your google classrooms (First posts tomorrow at 8.45am). You are expected to check in twice every day; we suggest at 9am and 3pm but that is up to you. Here are links just in case, but you already have access to these and use them every day. You only need to look at your homeroom classroom:

G4A : Class code f27aicp

G4B : Class code c4bd5lm

G4C : Class code wpbgcll

For specialist activities, please visit Seesaw and Mr Ben’s google classroom. Also check Ms Linday’s blog for loads of fun activities. Be a balanced learner and make sure every day includes every lesson from Art to Maths!

Any questions? Email your homeroom teacher and we’ll get back to you asap. Stay safe!

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Quality Learning Behaviours

Our PYP assembly on Friday celebrated students who have been embracing our Quality Learning Behaviours (QLBs). In Grade 4 we are lucky to have developed such a caring community that strives for understanding, shares and nurtures its passions and takes ethical action to effect positive change on a personal, local and global level.

In Maths we have begun to think about Shape and Space and Geometry again as we investigate connections between area, perimeter and volume. This will be a good opportunity to link to our unit of inquiry by exploring the nature of patterns in artworks and the geometry of ancient structures.

Within Literacy lessons we continue to develop our research skills, primarily conducting book-based research into areas of interest within our Central Idea. We have also spent some time turning our illustrations from Visual Arts lessons into pages from picture books. Take a look at Seesaw to see more and click here to find our more details about our ongoing learning outcomes.

Have a great week.


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Time travelling

Last week we tuned into our new Where we are in time and place unit and started to identify our interests as historical inquirers. We began by asking where and when different ancient civilisations occurred and then delved more deeply and identified the traits of civilisations from harnessing fresh water to developing systems of law, governence, education and infrastructure.

This week we will be linking our inquiries to a Mathematical exploration of area, perimeter and volume while continuing to develop our use of fractional and decimal notation. For a detailed breakdown of our learning outcomes please click here.

In Literacy we began to build on the homework task and explore myths and legends and their connections to present day life and ancient civilisations.

Have a great week!



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Stepping back in time

Last week saw House Spirit across the Primary School as Grade 4 took part in their swim gala and House games on Friday. As always with KIS events the sense of teamwork, positivity and enthusiasm was there for all to see alongside a healthy competitive edge as students drove themselves to new heights in the pool and on in the gym.

In class we have been reflecting on our websites, thank you to everyone who engaged in the homework reflection too. Across the grade we have also been developing our responding, interpreting and evaluating skills and you can visit your child’s seesaw for a fun Guess the Artwork activity.

It’s time to start a new unit too and now we will be becoming historians as we explore our Where we are in time and place unit. As always, you can read about our learning outcomes in detail here.

Have a great week

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Residentials in residence…

Last week we celebrated reading in the Primary School with a range of fun and exciting activities. Thanks for all your support with costumes and we hope you celebrate the joy of reading at home with your children!

As we all know, UGS students are sadly missing out on residential trips this year so this week we will stage some exciting House Spirit events. On Friday from 12.10-1.30 Mr Ben is organising some House team events and on Thursday from 10-11.20 Grade 4 students will take part in a swimming gala. These events will of course be subject to our Air Quality Policy but you are more than welcome to come and support and make some noise!

As always, please click here for detailed information on our learning outcomes for all subject areas. This week we will be wrapping up our How we express ourselves unit and getting ready to move onto Where we are in place and time. More on this as we go forward.

Have a great week ahead!

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Book Week!

Book Week Flyer (1)

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Interpreting, Evaluating and responding

Last week we challenged our thinking minds while interpreting, evaluating and resonding to media messages. While exploring media from poetry to famous artworks and memes we asked questions like “How does this make me feel?” “What is the message?” and “Why did the painter/author do that?”

In Maths we have spent some time assessing our progress against our learning outcomes for our inquiries into fractions and decimals and in Literacy we have been getting really creative with our figurative language while exploring poetry. Strong links have also begun to emerge between our reading sessions and our Visual Arts inquiry. On a technological note we are also having a great time creating our personal Google sites to share our passions. More on this soon.

Book Week Flyer (1)Next week the school will be closed on Monday and Tuesday and when we return on Wednesday 19th it will be the PYP Book Week. This is a wonderful school wide celebration of the reading and there will be a huge array of exciting events on during the week. There is also the opportunity to sign up to do a read aloud of your favourite picture book in your Mother Tongue language. Please contact your homeroom teacher if you are interested or sign up here.


Book Character Parade (1)

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Responding to media messages

unnamedLast week Grade 4 students rotated around the classrooms and responded to one another’s moodboards. Each moodboard had been created to communicate a message: from being all about caring or being knowledgeable to balanced lifestyles and the UN Sustainable Development Goals there were many messages on display. Students were invited to guess what the message was for each board and we began to think about what messages we are exposed to in our daily life.

In Maths we continue our explorations of the connections between fractions, percentages and decimals. Our Literacy sessions are currently exploring the rhyming style of Limericks. Please click here for more details about our learning objectives.

A quick reminder that Student Conferences are taking place next week. Sign up sheets are in the PYP office for parents with more than one child at KIS and will be posted outside classrooms from Wednesday.

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