Week commencing 16th August

Wow, what a great first week. The new Grade 4 students joined us with enthusiasm and passion and excellent communication skills. The developed level of communication makes meets really productive and is helping us to build learning relationships. A reminder that it is a school-wide expectation, as part of a caring and inclusive learning community, that cameras are turned on during Meets. If you have any questions about this expectation please email your homeroom teacher.

As we move forward, with a growth mindset, please remember that learning systems and routines take time to establish so it is perfectly expected for students to be asking questions and sometimes not being sure what to do. Don’t forget to join the G4 Parent Coffee Meeting every Monday at 1.50pm if you have any questions or suggestions. A link will be shared with you by email.

We are looking forward to our first full week of Term 1. As always, the daily schedules will be shared each morning at 7.50am on the Google Classrooms. Detailed planning can be found here and please see the required resources for next week below:

Resources page August 16

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Getting ready for the first day of term!

Dear parents and students,

We can’t wait to see you tomorrow morning! Lots of you have already joined your Google Classrooms, well done. If you haven’t yet then please check your student email for the invite, or use the Joining Code that has been sent by email too. We look forward to seeing you in the meet at 8.10am (follow the link on the schedule in the email, or find it on your google classroom).

Detailed planning can be found here and here is the resource planner for the coming 3 days:

Resources for the week ahead


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Welcome to Grade 4 2021/22

Dear G4 Students and Parents,

We hope you had a wonderful summer! We are all excited to start the new school year and will be sharing all the details you need to join your Google Classrooms on Monday. Your homeroom teacher will send an email to both student and parent emails with all the information but before then please:

  • Make sure you can log in to your school gmail. If your profile picture/avatar is not YOU, can you please try and change to a photo of yourself.
  • Try logging in to any other learning sites you remember and make a note if you can’t log in (we will help you next week)
  • Think about where your quiet learning space will be.
  • Get your classroom resources ready such as pencils, paper, device, ruler etc

Our first day of Grade 4 will be Tuesday August 10th. The schedule for Tuesday will be posted on your classroom at 7.50am on Tuesday. We will start the day with a meet at 8.10am (the link will be in the schedule).

See you soon! If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us!

Mr Zack zack.zi@kis.ac.th, Ms Jenn jennifer.fa@kis.ac.th, Mr Alex alex.ba@kis.ac.th

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