Chinese New Year Celebrations

Official Chinese dress day is Thursday, February 7th.

The Lion Dance will be Thursday at 12:40.

KISPA will be doing lunch time activities in the Atrium, lantern making and calligraphy.

Happy Chinese New Year!!!


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Jan. 28-Feb. 1, 2019

What a week of learning!  In our UOI we all worked together across the grades to organize our research library and create displays for each civilization library.  We were grouped based upon the google tour civilization we chose and used both our own drawings and pictures to create a collage for the library backdrop with important information about our civilizations.  Next, we integrated our myth writing with our UOI and watched a myth video for story plot line.  From this we brainstormed with a partner ideas for our own myths and a natural phenomenon to explain. We wrote our myths in a google slide and some of them are added to google classroom.  The will be completed and edited next week.  Finally, we worked on our ‘google tour’ of a civilization in the computer lab.  It is a fun way to explore the civilization and research facts, dates, and places for our civilizations.  

In math we looked at 2D and 3D shapes.  We began with properties of polygons, properties of 2D shapes, and finally properties of 3D shapes. We made nets for story line dice in our myths to integrated language and math.

In language arts we worked on our myths and reading workshop with storyboards summarizing our books and vocabulary.  Students are becoming more confident in building their storyboards and sharing their summaries with their group.  Some groups have moved on to Seesaw their storyboards and discuss their books.  Students are working on vocabulary based upon words from their reading.  Students are encouraged to keep up reading in RAZ Kids and to read at home as well.

This week we had home learning on Thursday and Friday due to the air quality.  This was a first for most of us and we are learning how to implement it effectively.  Some students completed a lot of work and some students did not have access to devices or the internet – all the major components of this work will be gone over in class.  At this point in Grade 4 students are just beginning to use online tools such as their email and Google Classroom effectively and consistently so work that needs to be completed will also be gone over in class.  We hope everyone was able to use the Google Classroom tool to access work and if there is any feedback from parents, do please let us know so next time we can improve even more.  Thank you for your help and support on these days of home learning!

Here are some of the pictures for last week – enjoy!



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Emergency School Closure

Dear Parents,

We have been notified that school will be closed for the next two days and we will be moving to the home learning (emergency) protocol.  Students have been assigned work through Google Classroom.  This can be accessed through their email.  The tab for the home learning is found on the main page, right hand side column, displaying all pages linked to our blog.  Click on the link ‘Home learning (emergency)’ and this will bring you to the school learning page.

Here is the link also:

Home Learning (Emergencies)

Best regards,

G4 Team



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Parent Forum

Parent Forum 1219

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Jan. 21-25th, 2019

This week in our UOI we continued finding out about ancient civilizations and how they developed through time.  We looked how artifacts can tell us about the past and what systems a civilization might have had. We investigated civilizations students choose and began to build a Google Tour integrating ICT.  Finally, we looked at elements in a myth and integrated our writing with our UOI to make connections and understand how civilizations communicated.

In math we are working on perimeter, area, and moving into compound shapes and recalling decimals to use in our calculations for area and perimeter.  We are doing area of a triangle and practicing multiplication and division through doing the calculations for area and perimeter.

In our reading workshops we are doing storyboards to summarize our reading and working on vocabulary building activities.  In our inquiry into myths we are finding the elements of the plot and summarizing to integrate with both UOI and language arts.

Here are some of the pictures of the week!



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Jan. 14-18, 2019




We had a really fun week with our new unit – Past Civilizations!  Our first activities to ‘tune in’ to the concepts were to understand how we study the past and do a mini archaeology dig.  The students really enjoyed learning about how archaeologist set up a site and make grids to track their findings.  We set up a grid and used both real artifacts and pictures of ancient artifacts for students to find and research.  We looked at systems in society such as government, transportation, healthcare, education, communication, religion/beliefs, trade/money, entertainment, and culture/art and how we study humans through the artifacts found to understand how societies developed.  This is the first week so we are striving for understanding and just beginning to investigate how to study the history of civilizations.  We ended the week with a really fun dress up and activity day for students as they inquired into hieroglyphics art, Olympic sports, and building structures from past civilizations.

In math we worked on telling time, perimeter and area. Integrated with our UOI we investigated coordinates through the archaeological dig and making the scale of the dig site.

In language arts we are beginning to look at myths, the features of a myth, character traits, and plots.  In our reading workshop we are working on building our vocabulary and looking at the sequence of events in a story.  This will lead to writing our own myths in this unit.

We really enjoyed the Wai Kru ceremony and send a big thank you to our Thai department for such a lovely ceremony.  A big thank you to the parents for all the beautiful flowers and kind words – we really appreciate how much support and caring our community has!

Here are the pictures of the week:







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Our First Week Back – January 7-11th, 2019

What a busy and fun week!  We started out with our UOI 1 – dipping back into “Inspiring Individuals” by doing activities to build community, inclusiveness, practice growth mindsets, and goal setting.  We did rotation activities to do Kindness Cards, an obstacle course, and Win Lose or Draw/Charades.  Students are challenged to take action this week to implement our learning for the lines of inquiry.  This unit is a year long unit that we are dipping into and out of until June. The unit outline is:

Title: Inspiring individuals

The pursuit of quality learning through “self-development engages people in meaningful action” for themselves and others

Central Idea: Self-development engages people in meaningful action

Lines of inquiry
*Striving for understanding.
*Develop passion in ourselves and others.
*Creating an inclusive and caring community.
*Taking ethical action.

In math we started our new unit with time – we will be looking at telling time, vocabulary, and timelines.  We will then be moving into doing length, area, volume, capacity, and mass.

In Language Arts we are looking at myths and reading and writing our own myths.  We continue with the reading workshops and are looking at the summary, timelines, and sequence of events. We are working to understand that stories have a plot; identifying the main idea; discussing and outlining the sequence of events leading to the final outcome in our texts.

Finally, we would like to welcome our new student Brendan and his family to KIS!


G4 Team


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Welcome Back!!!! Happy 2019….


Happy Holidays and Welcome Back!

We hope everyone had a wonderful break and we would like to welcome everyone back.  A special welcome to our new students and parents to our KIS family!

This is going to a very fun and exciting term and we will be touching first upon our unit on Inspiring Individuals before beginning our unit on Past Civilizations.  We have our residential trip coming up to  Ayutthaya which everyone is very excited for and students have been talking about already. Our new unit next week will be inquiry into:

Title: Past Civilizations

Central Idea:  Civilizations develop over time and their influence and connection in the present day.

Lines of Inquiry:

  • How civilizations develop.
  • Human systems in past and present societies.
  • Connections between past and present societies.


Function, Change, and Connection

Related Concepts:

Culture, systems, community, society, civilizations, influence, development, factors.

Approaches To Learning:

Information literacy, Formulating and planning, data gathering and recording, synthesizing and interpreting, evaluating and communicating.

Formulating and planning

  • Ask or design relevant questions of interest that can be researched.
  • Outline a plan for finding necessary information.
  • Evaluate and select appropriate information sources and/or digital tools based on the task.

Data gathering and recording

  • Gather information from a variety of primary and secondary sources.

Synthesizing and Interpreting

  • Draw conclusions from relationships and patterns that emerge from data.
  • Present information in a variety of formats and platforms.

Media literacy:

  • Interacting with media to use and create ideas and information
  • Locate, organize, analyse, evaluate and synthesize information from a variety of trusted sources, social media and online networks.
  • Compare, contrast and draw connections among (multi)media resources.
  • Seek a range of perspectives from multiple and varied media sources.
  • Demonstrate awareness of media interpretations of events and ideas.
  • Communicate information and ideas effectively to multiple audiences using a variety of media and modalities.

Ethical use of media/ information Understanding and  applying social and ethical technology

  • Use media ethically to communicate, share and connect with others.
  • Differentiate reliable from unreliable sources.
    Understand the impact of media representations and modes of presentation.

Social Studies:

-Students will recognize different aspects of human society, focusing on themselves and others within their own community as well as groups of people that are distant in time and place.

Orientate in relation to place and time:  Students will explore and share instances of change and continuity in personal lives, family and local histories; distinguish between past, present and future time; explore similarities and differences between the past and the present; sequence events, routines, personal histories in chronological order; interpret place and time using tools such as maps and timelines.

Human systems and economic activities: The study of how and why people construct organizations and systems; the ways in which people connect locally and globally; the distribution of power and authority.

Social organization and culture: The study of people, communities, cultures and societies; the ways in which individuals, groups and societies interact with each other.

Continuity and change through time: The study of the relationships between people and events through time; the past, its influences on the present and its implications for the future; people who have shaped the future through their actions.
In Math this term we will be looking at measurement with length, mass, finding area, perimeter, volume, and time.  Students will be doing a lot of hands on activities and centers to help develop understanding and confidence with the concepts. We will be integrating math with our UOI to help students have real life applications of the concepts.

In Language Arts we will be integrating our writing with our UOI with myths, writing to entertain, and understanding that stories have a plot; identify the main idea; discuss and outline the sequence of events leading to the final outcome.  Students will be developing in writing independently and with confidence, demonstrating a personal voice as a writer, and writing for a range of purposes, both creative and informative, using different types of structures and styles according to the purpose of the writing.  In reading we will be continuing to work in flexible reading groups and reading a variety of books for pleasure, instruction, and information; reflecting on our reading and setting goals.  We will be looking at how writers plan and structure their stories to achieve particular effects and  identifying features that can be replicated when planning their own stories.

Finally, we would like to thank everyone for a wonderful celebration of our learning and community in December and a big thank you to all the parents for helping with the class party and many gifts!  Your help and support is so appreciated!

We look forward to the next term and 2019 with great anticipation and look forward to all the fun and learning we will be doing.  All the best wishes for a great new year, health, happiness, prosperity, and love!

The G4 Team




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Holiday Gift Tree

Dear Parents,

Each year in the Primary School we support charities through the Central Thai Mission by purchasing gifts for children and persons in need. We still have names hung on the Christmas tree of children who are hoping to receive a gift.  The Christmas Party where the gifts will be distributed is this coming Sunday, December 9th.  There is still time if you would like to participate.  Simply choose a child/person from the tree, buy a gift, and return it to be picked up on Friday, Dec. 7th.

Many thanks and Happy Holidays

June and Karl

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Holiday Calendar – Upcoming Dates

Holiday Calendar 18 (SENT OUT)

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