Have a great summer

First of all, thank you all for the most wonderful year. It has been a great experience from start to finish and we hope that you have a restful and relaxing holiday! Thank you for all your kind gifts and wishes, we really appreciate the appreciation! We’ve had so many parties and celebrations that we wouldn’t know when to start sharing photos, so let’s just remember the memories!

When we return in August it’s time for MYP. Here is a slideshow that Mr Mike and Dr Mechum shared with the students on Wednesday. One of the main messages they wanted to share was – RELAX! Sure, there are many new things about MYP – new responsibilities, routines and expectations but they will help all students to LEARN these new things. Oh, and Mr Tri said, please make sure your times tables are really fast (division facts too). Here’s a great site to see how fast you are.



Summer holidays should of course be for fun and family time but here are some ideas for things your child could be doing at home. All these ideas were suggested and approved by students so there should be no arguments!

  • QR Code for MYP tour and take a photo with your pet (follow this link)
  • Read every day (here’s a list of books G5 love)
  • Pick a skill to practise on IXL
  • Multiplication and division facts
  • Write a daily journal
  • Keep a vocabulary dictionary while you’re reading to record new words
  • Be inspired by a book : for example, write a new story with an exisiting character
  • Visit a museum
  • Try a new sport
  • Eat 50% fruit and vegetables at every meal
  • Get enough sleep!

See you next year! And if you are leaving KIS, good luck in everything you do and keep in touch!



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MYP tour and dogs

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Grade 5, you should read these books!

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Time for some awards…

What a wonderful party we had last week! Thank you to all the parents who helped to organise such a fun afternoon! Continuing the celebrations, the PYP end of year awards ceremony will be held tomorrow, Wednesday 5th June at 10am in the auditorium, we look forward to seeing you there. It’s the perfect time to recognise some students in our community for their noticeable efforts with the Learner Profile, Action and Spirit awards. We had a great time in class reflecting on the nominations for these awards and it was heartwarming to see the appreciation between the students. We think that all of our learners will be pleased for the award winners! And of course all students will be receiving their Graduation certificates and plaques too.

There will be lots of events next week too, please check the calendar shared by Ms June for all the important dates.

This week homeroom teachers will be sharing MAP results with students face to face. This is an important reflection opportunity and a chance for your child to understand their MAP score as a measurement of their academic progress. MAP results will be posted on Managebac alongside reports at the end of term. The timing is a reminder to view the MAP score as one of our assessment tools – at the end of term please take some time to review your child’s MAP scores, alongside their reports and teacher comments. This will help to provide the broadest snapshot of their learning and help you to formulate goals for the transition into MYP.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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Can you solve it?



There’s a new craze amongst many G5 students who are spending eveIMG-8811ry spare minute learning to solve Rubik’s cubes! It’s amazing seeing the results that dedication and teamwork can make with children learning and sharing their passions. Next step is for the teachers to learn it too – after all, we are lifelong learners!

On that note, it was a pleasure to be part of the UGS parent workshop on Friday where we got to see parents being lifelong learners alongside some Grade 5 students. It was a great experience.



This week we continue to explore our unit how we present ourselves projects aspects of our identity. The students have been reflecting on the key aspects of identity  and this week we will invite a guest speaker from MYP to help us explore the ways in which apprearance and behaviour influence our perceptions. In addition, please support your child with their homework inquiry into Rites of Passage. We look forward to opening our minds when learning about new rituals and traditions from all over the world.

In Maths, our ongoing explorations of how geometric tools and methods can be used to solve problems relating to shape and space are taking us in exciting directions. In Language Arts we are applying our skills with figurative language to create poems that express our identity.

Don’t forget that this Thursday is the much awaited Graduation Party. Looking forward to seeing you all there! Also, next Monday, June 3rd the school is closed to mark Queen Suthida’s birthday.


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Calendar change

There has been an adjustment to the last 2 days of term, as outlined in the letter sent out today:

Letter to EY1-G2 parents_22052019


In addition, G5C’s Language MAPs test yesterday was interrupted by server issues affecting the NWEA system so they will be taking their Language test early next week instead. The issues affected the test early on but in the interest of giving your children the best testing atmosphere we decided to reschedule and children will begin again from the start of the test. Exact day and time TBC.

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Homework & MAPs

It was wonderful to see you all sharing in your child’s learning yesterday. We hope you had a fun time – it is always such a useful reflection opportunity as we near the end of the year.

This week all classes are taking part in MAPs sessions so our homework is centred around that. Children should spend time practising target skills using the links shared previously. 

In addition on Friday 24 May we are asking all G5 students to take part in a second free dress day. Last week we challenged them to come dressed as an alter-ego, but this week they can come in a costume or clothes that best expresses their developing understanding of their identity. Looking forward to some creative costumes!

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MAPs and SLCs

MAPs sessions started today and will continue over the next 2 weeks. See last week’s post for more information.

This week we are beginning our new unit under the theme How we express ourselves. The Central Idea and Lines of Inquiry can be found here. We are tuning in by reflecting on our Art Profiles that showcase our technological skills and understanding of colour harmony. We will begin by asking ourselves “what does my profile express?” and then discuss the aspects of identity. As part of this unit we will all get a chance to express ourselves, and you might be asked to join in during the Student Led Conference!

A reminder that conferences will be held on Monday and if you haven’t already signed up, the sign up sheets can be found posted outside the homerooms. Here are a few reminders about conference day in Ms June’s letter of last week:

PS_SLC May 20th 2019

Finally, last week we had an amazing time welcoming the Kliptown Youth Programme. They came all the way from South Africa and shared their traditional Gumboot Dance with us. On Friday 17th the whole school will be invited to have a dress down day with an optional suggested donation of 20 Baht. All monies raised will contribute towards the wonderful community work the Kliptown group do. Grade 5 students will have some extra instructions for this day that will link to our current unit.

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Thinking about the MAPs

IMG_1974 This week we’ve been bringing our current unit Government systems influence the lives of citizens to a close. It’s been a short but sweet unit and although our time was limited the students made many powerful connections to their exhibition inquiries and current affairs. We also had the pleasure of a presentation from Khun Pan, Melvin’s mum, who gave us an insight into Government Systems in Thailand.


Our current Maths unit on Shape and Space is involving many explorations into connecting 3D objects with their nets and other 2D representations and learning to describe, classify and  model 3D shapes.

Looking forward, this year’s MAPS testing begins on May 13th and the schedule is as follows. To create the best testing environments possible, each class will be split into 2 groups and each group will sit the test in a separate room. This is solely to help create the quietest environment so your child has every opportunity to do their best. If you have any questions about the schedule, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Schedule for MAP testing spring 19

As previously posted, preparation and practice is always a great idea and here are some links that can be accessed at home to support the preparation we are doing in class.

Language use (Grammar) on Khan Academy

Your child’s personal IXL Diagnostic


IXL Language Arts

Also, don’t forget that Student Led Conferences will be on May 20th. Please visit the primary office to sign up.


Have a great week.

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School closure May 2 and 3

Dear parents,

As per the messages sent last night and this morning, the school is currently closed due to flooding in the primary building. All academic and support staff are in school working together to ensure that we can reopen for learning as soon as possible. Please keep an eye out for updates of the situation by message and in the meantime, follow this link to access some Home Learning suggestions from the G5 team.


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