Term 3 Week 6

Wow what an exhibition! 

We had tea rooms and pyramids, dance moves and gaming techniques, there was so much to listen  to, read and watch in the exhibition last week. The students did a brilliant job in a difficult situation but all managed to upload some evidence of their learning to the Padlet. They were also great at asking and answering questions from their parents, staff members and peers. Thank you to all parents and staff who visited and for your thought provoking questions.

If you have not visited the Padlet yet, it is so worth a visit.

After all that excitement, we are giving the students time to reflect and to tidy up your homes before we start our final unit about rites of passage with a focus on transitioning to the MYP This will start on Tuesday. The weekly planner is here.


Last week we were learning about how to measure Capacity and Mass and how to convert between standard units of measurement. This week it is the turn for length. this will lead up to the final test of the year. Before we spend some time investigating probability in the last few weeks of term.

Friday is house day

Please wear house t shirts. More on activities later.

G5 Graduation

This will be online and take place on Thursday 4th June.

The Parent’s zoom meeting will take place this Wednesday 27th June at 1 pm as usual.

End of year talent show

For more information here

Please sign up here

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Term 3 Week 5

 It’s Exhibition Week!

So it has been a long time coming but we are finally at exhibition week. It will look a little bit different to originally planned however it will still be a brilliant showcase of the student’s learning  based upon the central idea  Self expression can empower people to create change’  showing the connections to the student’s own passions. The students will have Monday – Thursday to finalise their videos ready to put them on the PYPX Padlets making sure that they have checked all things on their checklist and reflected on the PYPX rubric. Please encourage the students to wear their PYPX  t-shirts if they possibly can, in their video. Thursday and Friday will be an opportunity for the students and others from the community including parents to watch the videos and to ask further questions. The students will then respond to these questions and reflect on the learning process.


This will be linked to the exhibition and be focused on how to write a script and to deliver a speech, thinking about drama techniques as well as how to be persuasive and informative in an engaging and entertaining way.

However just before we leave poetry a few words from Nabila to remind us what is important


A place,

That we all love,

A place that is nice, calm,

Comforting and familiar,

Your home


From Monday – Wednesday this week the students will carry on looking at measurement in particular capacity- the measurement of liquids and weight- the measurement of mass.

Spirit day

Last week many of the students took part in the spirit day activities. They all appeared to have a great day we hope you enjoy the photographs.

Primary Virtual After School Activities

Please press on the link above to see this information.

Daily Planners

This week tasks are  here. The specialist’s face to face time is here and the children will also have face time with their class teachers. Please also encourage your children to contact their mentors.

Parents meeting

We would also again like to invite the parents to a zoom meeting on Wednesday 20th May at 1 pm. We enjoyed talking to the parents who attended last week and who had some very interesting questions.  Unfortunately we have been informed that recording these meetings and sharing this with other parents is against Thai law so if you cannot make the meeting please try to contact with someone who can so that they can share the information talked about.

As there will be no scheduled three way conference this term please contact your class teacher if you would like to arrange a time to discuss your child’s progress  with them and your child.

Thank you for collecting the students bags hopefully they will make use of the items contained inside.

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Term 3 Week 4


The students spent last week working on their Governance UOI creating some impressive  countries with a leadership structure, laws and systems of punishment. Faced with a global pandemic they then discussed the ways in which their fictional countries would have responded. The understanding of many of the students was very high and they showed independence with their varied interpretations of the given task.

This week, exhibition preparation is back, as the exhibition will now take place online on 21st and 22nd May.  The children will spend four days this week preparing their space and what they will include in their verbal presentation.

On Friday of this week there will be a fun, community event ,spirit day, more on this from Ms June.


The students have now completed their online post test on geometry and angles and this week will undergo their pre -test based around volume, area, coordinates and negative numbers. They will then spend the rest of the week inquiring into negative numbers.This is their last main area of mathematics to be undertaken this term.


The student’s poetry tasks are now complete. This week’s focus will be preparing their speech for the exhibition remembering to include all of their research notes in their presentation and incorporating persuasive techniques before rehearsing takes place next week, to ensure that the children’s speech is clear, that they maintain eye contact with their audience and that  their presentations are engaging.

This week tasks are here. The specialist’s face to face time is here and the children will also have face time with their class teachers.

We would also again like to invite the parents to a zoom meeting on Wednesday 13th May at 1 pm. We enjoyed talking to the parents who attended last week and who had some very interesting questions.  Unfortunately we have been informed that recording these meetings and sharing this with other parents is against Thai law so if you cannot make the meeting please try to contact with someone who can so that they can share the information talked about.

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Term 3 Week 3


This week the students have started to look at their new unit of inquiry about governance and to get them started we asked them to post their own house rules. We hope you enjoy looking at the selection above.

This unit is a small 2 week unit but will incorporate  the self directed  task of creating a 3d model of a two diverse civilisations. The students will need to decide on how their countries will be governed and the rules and punishments needed in order to do this. They will also be faced with a crisis  which they will have to govern through, all of their information will be added to their own slideshow ready to be assessed using the given rubric on Friday 8th. We are asking the students to take a great amount of ownership of this task, to decide on their own time management and to be creative with their choices, this is all to encourage them back to an exhibition frame of mind, as we will be returning to this the following week, in readiness for their online exhibition on 21st  and 22nd May. More on this next week.


The maths tasks have been a mixture of theory and practical activities this week and have centered about volume and area With the students using real life objects in real life tasks to investigate this a subject. Please see photos below.


The students have continued this week to investigate a variety of poetry formats which have covered mainly environmental themes.

Zijian’s Traditional Cinquain 

      Hi Earth 

Are you warming 

Thicker goes your Blanket 

As your atmosphere rapidly



Phat’s  Diamante Poem


 Round, Large

Warming, Destroying, Changing

Animals, Humans, Trees are living thing

Helping, Cleaning, Saving

   Awful, Polluted


Next week’s tasks include a revision Maths task and more poetic styles to try out.

As teachers’s, we have really enjoyed spending face to face time with the students and the specialist teachers timetable to do the same if here. Please encourage your children to take advantage of the times offered to them by their class teachers and the specialists.

We would also like to invite the parents to a zoom meeting on Wednesday afternoon at 1pm. This will be an opportunity to ask questions about the exhibition process, on line learning and any concerns that you may have. All three grade 5 Class teachers will be available to answer your questions. We ask that this is a parent only meeting on Wednesday.


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Term 3 Week 2

Earth Day poem by Ella

Everyone should help

Action is important

Realize what we are doing

Think of ways you can help

Help and participate


Do something about it

Ask questions about what other people are doing

You can help too

Fang Fang

Everyday, we pollute the Earth 

As the Earth gives us life and chances

Remember this is the only planet we can live on

Thus we still don’t care about it

Has the world done something to deserve this?

Day by day, creatures on this world are dying one by one

And we still haven’t done anything to help them

Yet are we so blind that we can’t even see the world dying.

As you can see the student’s had a busy week creating posters and poems based around Earth day. Learning how to track their own impact on the environment with their Carbon foodprint and to take action. They also started work on their maths unit investigating perimeter, area and volume.

It was wonderful to talk to so many of the students face to face to be able to answer their questions about the tasks they have been set and to discuss how they are feeling about online learning, the world and the need for haircuts! The students have been given three avaialble timeslots to talk with their teacher it would be great if they could be available for all of these.

The new type planner seems to be a success, with the children thinking it was much clearer for them to understand and some parents liking the facts that they new the whole week so that they could help their child to be organised and prepare ahead. The planner for Term 3 week 2 is  in the homelearning link. The student’s also have a meeting time with their specialist teachers so please encourage them to attend these as well as their meetings with their grade teachers.

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Term 3 Week 1 20th- 24th April

Welcome Back

It was so brilliant to be able to talk again with the students today and to find out about all of the interesting things  they have been doing over the break. Just because we are in our homes does not mean that Grade 5 can not have fun. Some of grade 5 took the time to bake.

drawing (6)

Kenji I really enjoyed making a cake with my dad because we communicated and shared our ideas and had to calculate how much stuff we needed and the first time we failed because the batter was too small then we made it the second time 

It looks so tasty Kenji it is a shame we could all not get to try it.

Chloe My favorite part of the Songkran break was making cheesecake. It was delicious but I would make it a little less sweet. We took a risk in making this cheesecake because we had to make it gluten-free for my mom (she is allergic to gluten).

Other students were more arty  Sofi and Ella  and Cali

drawing (7)drawing (8)drawing (12)








Some students played games

drawing (9)

Nabila This is my mom, my dad and I playing Catan with the Explorers and Pirates expansion. We never played with the expansion pack before, so we were learning and we had to restart one time because we were playing while my dad was still reading the rules, and we had already missed some other rules before so we just gave up on the game and tried again. (My mom won, by the way. She never plays games with us but whenever she does she always wins. And I came last. Yay.)

drawing (10)


Sophia played with her dogs.

drawing (13)

Eve took the time to grow plants.

drawing (11)

And some student’s showed their caring natures. Thee

drawing (14)

We are so pleased that all of the students have been so active, creative  and caring over the break and now appear to be ready for learning in our new term.

Term 3 Remote learning

The students will get daily plans on Google classroom but the weekly plan can be seen both on the home learning page and here. Please encourage your children to undertake all of the tasks set and to join the chats with their teachers when scheduled.

We hope you have a great week.

Any questions please contact Ms Carole, Ms Rachel or Mr Nic.

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Additional Holiday Activities

Dear Parents,

As requested, KIS teachers have compiled a selection of holiday activities to support families and the community over the Songkran break.

We have tried as far as possible to select activities which do not require a lot of screen time and can use what resources you have available at home, there are many for you to choose from.

These are all optional activities, there is no requirement to do any of them, just have fun.

We ask that you DO NOT post any of your holiday activities on See Saw as this will have two effects for us:

  • disrupt the flow of our learning platform fo when we return

  • create a huge amount of additional work for teachers who will have to clear posts when we return, time we would rather spend constructing high quality learning for your children

Please follow the links to find age appropriate resources and KIS Spirit Challenges.

This link will take you to the KIS Primary Library site where you will find three pages developed especially  for you to engage and enjoy:

  1. An online resources page with online reading resources, read aloud sites and STEM resources

  2. The Holiday activities page where you will find:

3. KIS Spirit Challenges

We hope that you and your family have a safe 2 week break and we look forward to viewing what has been shared through the KIS Spirit Challenges on our return to being a community together.

Have fun and enjoy, Happy Songkran,

Carole, Nic, Rachel, Kaew and Nitcharee


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Term 2 Week 13

Keeping the community spirit alive even at home

drawing (4) drawing (3) drawing (2) drawing (1) drawing

As you can see from above the house spirit was greatly in evidence on Friday with our house challenges. Well done to all the winners above and special congratulations to Qing Qing and her family for a wonderful effort. We are looking forward to our next event online. Watch this space to hear all about it.


Last week the students showed both their independence and thinking skills by solving shape activities building towers and naming all the properties of the shapes they used. This week apart from their Maths work on IXL they will be attempting to create a Rube Goldberg machine this will involve those same creative thinking skills and will be made better by continuous practice, we look forward to seeing the results.


In Literacy the students have been given two reading comprehension tasks to complete based upon their individual reading level. We look forward to seeing who can read both the texts and questions carefully. The class stories are reaching an end now and choosing will begin in G5A for a new story to be read. I wonder what will be chosen?


The students are still working on their exhibition work , making sure that they have completed all the tasks on their checklist to the best of their abilities. In reference to this, the task this week is to decide the difference between quantity and quality. Some students may have lots of work ready for their displays but what we really want them to be thinking about is the quality of this work. Work which has taken five minutes is rarely of good quality so this week we want the students to review all of their work and to decide how they can improve the quality of the work they want to exhibit.

Students leaving

At the end of this week we will be saying goodbye to three grade 5 students, Prajwal, Namo and Yuri all of whom are relocating to other countries. We are sad to see them go but wish them well in the future.

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Term 2 Week 12

What an interesting week

Our first week of online learning has gone really well. There were a few hiccups with both students and teachers adjusting to the formats which were to be used but everyone persevered and some great learning happened in a very difficult situation. Congratulations go to the students who have logged onto google classroom  each day  and have completed the activities for the day to the best of their abilities.

This week’s tasks are all on one google document to make access easier, you will find the link both in the google classrooms and here these tasks are more inquiry based and will need more time to complete so we have allowed the students to choose when they work on these during the week. They should however still be logging on each day to view the  two daily messages from their teachers and their ongoing story either read by Mr Ed G5B and C or by Mrs Carole for G5 A. Also to pick up any messages from specialist teachers these may also be shared on seesaw so please watch out for these. The Raz kids and IXL Platforms are still being monitored by the teachers so please make sure that these are being used.

This week the aim is for all teachers to talk face to face with their students more details of this will appear on google classrooms. Please encourage your child to log on in their own account as some documents may not appear if they do not do so.

Some of the tasks last week included sharing the work space, researching famous people to do with passions and cooking mum and dad a meal ( This last one is hopefully happening today, enjoy your meals) We would love to see more pictures of these events so that we can share these with the community here on the blog. We hope you enjoy the ones below.

Please read the emails sent by Mr Paul and Ms June as these will keep you up to date with events and  remember as always that we are here to answer your questions. 

IMG_E0112[1] (1)Screenshot 2020-03-17 09.06.36 Image

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Term 2 Week 11

Online learning

Just because the campus is closed does not mean that Grade 5 is not open for learning. Please make sure that you are checking both your google classroom daily at 9 am and again between 1 and 2 pm and also keep looking at the home learning tab on this blog. Music , Thai, Art, will be communicating through seesaw so please also check this. Please make sure that you are keeping up with your daily tasks, any worries or questions please ask.

Great Library Resources to be found here

TAL link google classroom 7sgsx5p


The students have been preparing for their upcoming exhibition! Grade 5 is a hive of activity, this could especially be said of last Wednesday when no devices were allowed in order to focus the student’s minds on their art pieces and how they would like to present their areas.

The students are all still working their way through their checklist, organising both their resources and most importantly their time in order to make sure that they will be ready.

Parents, we are looking forward to welcoming you to the exhibition at 5 pm in the auditorium and then after in the G5 classrooms  when we get back to school exact date will be confirmed later.

We expect that all  students will stay in school on 26th March  in order to be ready for you all in the evening. They will be provided with food and drink and supervised until the exhibition time. We are expecting the exhibition to be finished for the evening at 7.30. If you, unfortunately, cannot attend please make arrangements for your child to be transported home at that time, no school transport will be available.

Could we please ask that all students have black  trousers or leggings, in school, to wear for the exhibition. 

Thanks to all parents who have been helping to facilitate trips out and action in this difficult time.


As part of their exhibition tasks the students have been looking at data, how to collect, interpret and present this in a meaningful way. We look forward to hearing them discuss this in their exhibition.

The focus for our skills lessons is now the properties of 3d shapes, also circles and angles


This will be focused on the students picking their own text types to explain their passions.

Even in the height of exhibition planning Reading should not be overlooked. All students should be pursing their reading both from their library/personal books and on Raz kids. As well as reading non-fiction texts to help them to gain a greater depth of knowledge of their exhibition studies.

Silly Love

Grade 5 were very lucky to be able to attend  the Secondary play on Thursday, this was both an entertaining and informative session where the students were able to ask questions about the acting and devising of the dramatic pieces and found out more about how the drama club works in MYP.

Quality Learning Behaviours Awards and Bands 

Congratulations to Ella from G5A, Kaj from G5B and Chloe from G5C for demonstrating the Quality Learning Behaviours, over the last term, they are an inspiration to all.

A massive congratulations to the band members who entertained the whole PYP amazingly well. It is such a pity the competition was cancelled as they would have been hard to beat.

Future events

Grade 5 Exhibition. 5 pm  in Auditorium for parents ( date to be confirmed)

3rd April Songkran celebrations /end of term 2

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