Coffee is coming

Halloween was amazing, a huge thank you to all the support that families offered with decorating the rooms, assisting with preparing the wonderful games and buying tons of candy!

This week we are sharing our enduring understandings from Unit 2 Human migration affects communities, cultures and individuals and blasting off into the world of practical science in our How the world works in unit 3. More information on the central idea and lines of inquiry will follow in next week’s blog.

A reminder that our Maths focus has switched to how the base 10 place value system extends infinitely in two directions allowing us to explore how to read, write and model addition and subtraction of integers (negative numbers). We are also inquiring into the measurement of time while investigating how to interpret and use timetables locally and globally under the conceptual understanding that conversion of units and measurements allows us to make sense of the world we live in.

In Language Arts our creative writers our applying the finishing touches to Halloween inspired stories and poems and engaging in discussions about how they follow the writing process by planning, drafting, editing and publishing.

Don’t forget our Coffee Morning this week. On the agenda will be the Residential trip, exhibition and more. See you in the AP room at 8am on Friday 9th November.

Have a great week.

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