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First of all, a huge congratulations to our Dancing Queens who wowed everybody last week! It was a lovely combination of competitive spirit and teamwork and a huge learning experience for participants and audience members alike.

Last week we also kicked off our How the World Works unit. The unit will focus on developing scientific skills through the central idea The interaction between matter and energy causes change. Over the coming week students will explore the following lines of inquiry:

  • Change of state of matter
  • Energy transformation
  • How matter and energy affect one another

As part of this unit our Maths focus will continue to be on how the  conversion of units and measurements allows us to make sense of the world we live in and how to read, write and model addition and subtraction of integers (negative numbers).  The development of these two conceptual strands will allow students to apply their Maths skills to the experiments we are conducting in class, an example of transdisciplinary learning under the PYP.

Our reading and writing focus will also be on non-fiction text types and include the identifying the features of non-fiction texts and using them to develop our writing skills.

Thanks to all those who attended our Coffee Morning last Friday. Here is the video shared by our SEA department for your reference.

Finally, please follow this link to access the information shared by Mr Eric, our ICT integrator, about how to safegaurd your child online at home. Ms Alex is also sending home a summary today of the discussion topics from Monday’s sessions with the Grade 5 students.

Have a great week!

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