Shiver me timbers!

There’s been some amazing Science and Maths going on in Grade 5 over the last week as part of our exploration into how¬†the interaction between matter and energy causes change.¬†Check it out:

Don’t forget that the Design Cycle Challenge has been spotted on the horizon, excitement ahoy! We can’t wait to get creative, collaborative and… wet. All G5 students will be on the MYP schedule from Wednesday to Friday and should bring their swimming costume in every day. All children who receive school lunches and snacks will continue to do so as normal and after school activities will run as normal too. Your children are welcome to top up their cards and experience one of the perks of MYP life!

The DCC website is here, and will be regularly updated with photos and information. Tomorrow all G5 students will find out who their team mates are, engage in some exciting team building activities and then get started on the Design Challenge itself. They might even to get to do some testing in the pool before the end of the day!

Have a great week!

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