Back on dry land

Wow, that was an amazing few days… Well done to all G5 students for taking on the watery challenge that was DCC 2018! As with all teamwork events there were challenges. We saw students experimenting with adopting different group roles: taking the lead, listening to others, assigning deadlines and cooporating. We also saw a need for advanced communication skills and the Learner Profiles of tolerance, respect and empathy were in full effect. Throwing in a competititve edge added a sense of excitement but the increased pressure was a challenge for some. In short, it was a challenging (it’s called the Design Cycle CHALLENGE, not the Design Cycle EASY!) few days!

By Friday, we all came away with a valuable reflection experience for future team working events like…. the G5 exhibition! Here are some amazing photos, courtesy of Jane’s mum. Many more can be found on the DCC site.

This week we set foot on dry land again and get back into our Maths unit conversion of units and measurements allows us to make sense of the world we live in. Having experienced first hand the different MYP timetable (there were some rumbling tummies at 10am!) we will be doing some Maths with MYP timetables to develop our interpretation of schedules and timetables and calculating the duration of events.

In Language Arts sessions we have been developing our skills of summarising and wondering How do we write this in our own words? We have also explored the features of non-fiction texts and students are busily putting these skills into practice in their own writing.

Finally our unit focus on developing scientific skills through the central idea The interaction between matter and energy causes change continues and students are being invited to plan and demonstrate a scientific experiment that shows their developing understanding of our lines of inquiry:

  • Change of state of matter
  • Energy transformation
  • How matter and energy affect one another

Have a great week!

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