Not long left…

The winter break is nearly upon us and we are gearing up for the final week of term. Lots on the calendar:

Holiday Calendar 18 (Update 301118)

In between rehearsals, parties and assemblies we will be bringing our How the world works unit to a close and reflecting on our learning journeys within our exploration of how The interaction between matter and energy causes change. In Maths we will also be concluding our current inquiries into how conversion of units and measurements allows us to make sense of the world we live in and how the base ten place value system extends infinitely in two directions. In Language Arts we are sharing our non-fiction writing and engaging in self and peer assessment to help us formulate personalised writing targets that we can carry over into the new year. It was also great to celebrate the Hour of Code yesterday!

Lots of things being organised for our Christmas party on December 12th and thank you all for your support in events like this – it really helps the celebrations to be fantastic! Please communicate with our parent reps about party food and with your child about Secret Santa. This year’s Secret Santa has been organised by the students themselves and is a great example of how our year long inquiry into creating a caring and inclusive community is constantly revisited. This iterative process helps to deepen our understandings of what a caring and inclusive really means, by examining it in different contexts and from different perspectives. Thanks for your support with this fun event!

FinallIMG_9286y, if you can, please help us support the Central Thai Mission by taking a gift tag from the tree in the atrium and buying a present to help bring Christmas to others in our community.







Have a great week. Please remember Monday 10th December is a Professional Development day for us teachers so the school will be closed. See you at the Christmas Performances!

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