MAPs and SLCs

MAPs sessions started today and will continue over the next 2 weeks. See last week’s post for more information.

This week we are beginning our new unit under the theme How we express ourselves. The Central Idea and Lines of Inquiry can be found here. We are tuning in by reflecting on our Art Profiles that showcase our technological skills and understanding of colour harmony. We will begin by asking ourselves “what does my profile express?” and then discuss the aspects of identity. As part of this unit we will all get a chance to express ourselves, and you might be asked to join in during the Student Led Conference!

A reminder that conferences will be held on Monday and if you haven’t already signed up, the sign up sheets can be found posted outside the homerooms. Here are a few reminders about conference day in Ms June’s letter of last week:

PS_SLC May 20th 2019

Finally, last week we had an amazing time welcoming the Kliptown Youth Programme. They came all the way from South Africa and shared their traditional Gumboot Dance with us. On Friday 17th the whole school will be invited to have a dress down day with an optional suggested donation of 20 Baht. All monies raised will contribute towards the wonderful community work the Kliptown group do. Grade 5 students will have some extra instructions for this day that will link to our current unit.

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