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There’s a new craze amongst many G5 students who are spending eveIMG-8811ry spare minute learning to solve Rubik’s cubes! It’s amazing seeing the results that dedication and teamwork can make with children learning and sharing their passions. Next step is for the teachers to learn it too – after all, we are lifelong learners!

On that note, it was a pleasure to be part of the UGS parent workshop on Friday where we got to see parents being lifelong learners alongside some Grade 5 students. It was a great experience.



This week we continue to explore our unit how we present ourselves projects aspects of our identity. The students have been reflecting on the key aspects of identity  and this week we will invite a guest speaker from MYP to help us explore the ways in which apprearance and behaviour influence our perceptions. In addition, please support your child with their homework inquiry into Rites of Passage. We look forward to opening our minds when learning about new rituals and traditions from all over the world.

In Maths, our ongoing explorations of how geometric tools and methods can be used to solve problems relating to shape and space are taking us in exciting directions. In Language Arts we are applying our skills with figurative language to create poems that express our identity.

Don’t forget that this Thursday is the much awaited Graduation Party. Looking forward to seeing you all there! Also, next Monday, June 3rd the school is closed to mark Queen Suthida’s birthday.


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