Time for some awards…

What a wonderful party we had last week! Thank you to all the parents who helped to organise such a fun afternoon! Continuing the celebrations, the PYP end of year awards ceremony will be held tomorrow, Wednesday 5th June at 10am in the auditorium, we look forward to seeing you there. It’s the perfect time to recognise some students in our community for their noticeable efforts with the Learner Profile, Action and Spirit awards. We had a great time in class reflecting on the nominations for these awards and it was heartwarming to see the appreciation between the students. We think that all of our learners will be pleased for the award winners! And of course all students will be receiving their Graduation certificates and plaques too.

There will be lots of events next week too, please check the calendar shared by Ms June for all the important dates.

This week homeroom teachers will be sharing MAP results with students face to face. This is an important reflection opportunity and a chance for your child to understand their MAP score as a measurement of their academic progress. MAP results will be posted on Managebac alongside reports at the end of term. The timing is a reminder to view the MAP score as one of our assessment tools – at the end of term please take some time to review your child’s MAP scores, alongside their reports and teacher comments. This will help to provide the broadest snapshot of their learning and help you to formulate goals for the transition into MYP.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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