Have a great summer

First of all,┬áthank you all for the most wonderful year. It has been a great experience from start to finish and we hope that you have a restful and relaxing holiday! Thank you for all your kind gifts and wishes, we really appreciate the appreciation! We’ve had so many parties and celebrations that we wouldn’t know when to start sharing photos, so let’s just remember the memories!

When we return in August it’s time for MYP. Here is a slideshow that Mr Mike and Dr Mechum shared with the students on Wednesday. One of the main messages they wanted to share was – RELAX! Sure, there are many new things about MYP – new responsibilities, routines and expectations but they will help all students to LEARN these new things. Oh, and Mr Tri said, please make sure your times tables are really fast (division facts too). Here’s a great site to see how fast you are.



Summer holidays should of course be for fun and family time but here are some ideas for things your child could be doing at home. All these ideas were suggested and approved by students so there should be no arguments!

  • QR Code for MYP tour and take a photo with your pet (follow this link)
  • Read every day (here’s a list of books G5 love)
  • Pick a skill to practise on IXL
  • Multiplication and division facts
  • Write a daily journal
  • Keep a vocabulary dictionary while you’re reading to record new words
  • Be inspired by a book : for example, write a new story with an exisiting character
  • Visit a museum
  • Try a new sport
  • Eat 50% fruit and vegetables at every meal
  • Get enough sleep!

See you next year! And if you are leaving KIS, good luck in everything you do and keep in touch!



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