Review of week 6th September

This week

The students have been developing an understanding of the vocabulary surrounding our migration unit. Try asking them about ‘forced migration’, ‘rural-urban migration’, or the difference between an ‘emigrant’ and an ‘immigrant.’ As a connection to our work in Maths, they have also investigated the vast numbers which are associated with refugee camps around the world.

The skill of diary writing has been the focus in the student’s language learning , reading the diaries of famous people, identifying the features in these and then writing their own extracts. 


The house captains did a great job today, not only leading the assembly but also by directing students where to sit, in their houses, at lunch today. This is to promote a greater house feeling. The assembly squad led by Santi organised the proceedings very well and the film created by Mr Nic and Namo which encouraged all of the students to understand the dos and don’ts of how to play on the new playgrounds was very informative and wonderfully created.


Thank you to all the parents who attended our coffee morning on Friday 30th. For any parents who could not join us,  this is the link to the powerpoint we shared. Do not hesitate to ask your class teacher any questions which arise from this.



Upcoming Events


  • Dot day. Please allow students to wear dotty clothes and bring in plastic bottle tops. September 16th 
  • Professional Development Day (School Closed): September 19th
  • September break (School Closed): September 20th
  • G3-G5 Map Testing: September 30th-October 11th
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